One of the events that can’t be seen is the Super New Moon. They come in regular cycles as the Moon revolves around the Earth. Here are statistics for the latest, and upcoming “super” events. This recently happened on Saturday, but you cannot see the Super New Moon with your eyes. Super New Moons are really large moon disk because of the closest proximity to Earth and Moon, but very close to the Sun. There is definitely one exception to this rule, a solar eclipse in conjunction with the Super New Moon can definitely be seen. They also add more time for the shadow of the Moon onto the Earth, because of the larger disk area. This happens next year in April. The event, The “Great American Eclipse” will be visible across North America, and I am hoping to witness this event in the proximity of Indianapolis, weather permitting. The next solar eclipse after this will be August 23, 2044.

2022-2023 Graph for Upcoming Super New & Full Moons:

New_Full Moons (2022-2023).pngPresent Year/Future Super New & Full Moons Information:

Super New Moons – 2023-2025
Year Date
2023 Saturday, January 21
2023 Monday, February 20
2024 Friday, February 9
2024 Sunday, March 10
2024 Monday, April 8 (Total Solar Eclipse) 🌑
2025 Saturday, March 29
2025 Sunday, April 27

Present Year/Future Super Full Moons Information:

Super Full Moons – 2023-2025
Year Date
2023 Tuesday, August 1
2023 Wednesday, August 30
2024 Tuesday, September 17                        
2024 Thursday, October 17
2025 Wednesday, November 5
2025 Wednesday, November 5

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  1. This is great information and cool calendar for special dates to watch to watch moon phases, but I hate I missed January 21!

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