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I am Jerry Marquardt, manager at Versatileer, the company featuring this website, that features an outgoing flow of useful information and reviews about home based products, services and issues. Some of my features include plenty of gift guides throughout the year, one for each season. I feature book tours, book blitzes, and cover reveals for authors. In addition, I feature articles including photography, science, weather, astronomy, fraud alerts, family & food, holidays and fun. I also bring my followers plenty of giveaways, deals, coupons, and freebies. My website is Public Relations friendly and is open for any product reviews and/or sponsored giveaways. I also offer reviews on architecture, real estate, and public sites. If any of these items are of interest for you to have Versatileer feature a review or giveaway, please fill-in the request form, and I will respond very promptly. I also am greatly experienced in environmental services, cleaning, janitorial, services. I am currently involved in an ongoing business venture assisting exclusively to a great friend with a carpet cleaning and upholstery service. If in the Chicago metro area, anyone needing these services, please send a request for service. I also hold certifications with the Host® Dry Cleaning system and the Von Schrader® Cleaning system. I am from the Chicago Area in the fine State of Illinois in the United States of America.

PR/Media requests, please visit my Review & Sponsorship, PR/Media Page.

The Name – Versatileer: The name was selected because for years, I had a multiple-owned business named VersaTILE, plus in the year 2015–the name “Versatiler” had thirteen uses in the state of Illinois, and thousands of uses  abroad. . .So due to steering away from confusion, I invented the name Versatileer.

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I have most recently been #LIVE:

Advocate Children’s Hospital/Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning Toy Drive:


Versatileer is proud to have participated in the yearly Tuesday, November 15, 2022: Holiday Toy Drive – Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning/Advocate Children’s Hospital 11/15/22 to 12/19/22 with Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning LLC. The final total of donations this year was $1,165 in donations and a total of 132 gifts.

Ken Rossignol, Author:

Jerry Marquardt won a Fire and a signed copy of Titanic 1912

I was announced the grand prize winner of a Kindle Fire again on Ken Rossignol, Author‘s Website for a fourth time! That is Aug. 9, 2017, Feb. 23, 2019, Jun. 25, 2020 & Dec 24, 2022.! But you know where you really win when it comes to reading great books? The reader. Ken’s books all represent why freedom is imperative for the reader and the writers. Ken’s high style gives him a five star rating on all his books and all Huggins Point Publishing, including his newspaper writing. I have been following Ken for years, and he is the great author of Titanic 1912 and many other fine books. Join his close following today! Grab yourself some great reading tonight and be really glad to be an American!! Image and content © 2020 Copyright Huggins Point Publishing 2010 – 2016.

Winning a Listed “Giveaway Roll” Listed Giveaway!!

Video: @chaminger2931 on YouTubeChaminger 1 month Podcast Launch-aversary

Video courtesy of the Chaminger Podcast‘s YouTube video. Join and enjoy the interesting Chaminger Podcast! I was selected in the above video as the First Place winner. Join the “Giveaway Roll” Listings that are changing daily, expiring throughout the day! It is your chance to win tonight!! Chaminger Podcast video content rights are reserved.

Donation To Breast Cancer Research Foundation:

Photo Jerry Holding the Pledged Donation Check to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Being a real winner and donating my pledge. So please do so today, and let them know I sent you! The Breast Cancer Research Foundation thanks you…and I thank you with my blessings! NOTE: We donate and hold attractions in order to benefit research of breast cancer every year in the month of October!!

Sponsorship To “Worship Anew” Worship Service Television Broadcast

September 6, 2020 – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost from Worship Anew on Vimeo. Me, Jerry Marquardt and my father donate to the television broadcast. Video content © 2020 Lutheran Ministries Media (Worship ANew)

Competition of Award Winning Ribs in the Tailgate Throwdown:

Photo of Program for the WBBM-AM_Tailgate Throwdown 20191215.jpg

I was #8 of 8 finalists who all had supreme recipes entered in the Tailgate Throwdown, and won a $50 consolation, whereby I was entered into the competition where all 8 contestants all cooked our winning recipes as entered on the online entry, as we competed for a grand prize, a second prize and third prize. A lot of fun on Sunday, December 15, 2019 with Tyler from WBBM Newsradio 780 AM – Chicago, with James “Big Cat” Williams & Emery Moorehead–along with Papa Charlie’s FoodsMr. & Mrs. T mixers & Chicago Q Restaurant, Art Smith’s (works with Oprah Winfrey and also worked with Lady Gaga) fine dining on North Dearborn Street in Chicago! My Appearances: 1 2 3 4 Images © 2019 Entercom, Inc.

Competition for the 1987 IROC Z-28 – WLS-FM & Blackdog Speed Shop random winner:

WLS-FM__Rockin Rides__youtube_com VIDEO COVER

Video: @947wls on YouTubeRockin’ Ride Winner – David Gaviña
I was called #15 on the radio, and won a $100 gas gift card, whereby I was entered the competition where 24 contestants drew keys out of a key-bowl–only 1 being the lucky winner. The grand prize of the The 1987 IROC Z-28 in the WLS-FM – ChicagoBlackdog Speed Shop random winner competition in Lincolnshire, IL on September 7, 2019…I was #3, and congratulations to lucky #15–Mr. David Gaviña!! Image & Video © 2019 Cumulus Media, Inc.

Rib Tasting Event at the South Shore Summer Fest sponsored by iHeart Media – Chicago:

iHeart Radio: ribs competition – South Shore Cultural Center 20190818.jpg

I entered the competition and made award winning ribs, winning the grand prize of $1,000 and a Tito’s cooler in the V103 Chicago & WGCI 107.5 Radio + Tito’s Handmade Vodka Grill Master Challenge competition for having the best tasting ribs by 3 judges at the South Shore Summer Fest at the South Shore Cultural Center featuring Robin Thicke on August 18, 2019 sponsored by iHeart Media – Chicago. Image © 2019 MGPG Events, Inc.

The Daily Driver on 97.1 The Drive WDRV-FM Chicago:


Guest on WDRV-FM, Chicago, IL being The Daily Driver on June 4, 2018 at WDRV.com. Image © 2018 Hubbard Radio Chicago, LLC.

Competition on “Spin & Win” on The Jam TV Show:

Video: @Jerry Marquardt on YouTubePlay the Jam – Jerry

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