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Thank you for your interest in a blogger opportunity as presented by Versatileer. Here is the list of the current Versatileer Blogger Opps.

The Current Versatileer Blogger Opps:

There is information below in the “Social Media Gurus Network” section on Sign-Up, etc. If you need more information on the Social Media Gurus Network’s (SMGN). please either contact me with the Contact Form or you can email me at versatileer (at) gmail (dot) com for more information on joining. Also, terms & conditions are listed below in the “Social Media Gurus Network” section.   All that is required is that the terms as listed on the Google Forms submittion be adhered to, and that once involved, that the giveaway pages as posted on your blog be shared as requested, that the website remains in operation for the term, and that the giveaway post not be removed before the end of the giveaway term. Your general rules on your website should reflect and indemnify the Versatileer website. All Blogger Opps are family-friendly, politics-free, and a fun-filled atmosphere. Please use the Google Forms to submit information on posting all giveaways on your website. Emailing is not necessary, unless there is an issue other that identifying your posting the giveaway and the links and/or payment information. You can list your transaction numbers on the Google Forms for your records, but I will see your payment at PayPal. Directions are given on each Blogger Opp as to what to list in the memo section on your payment. Payments should be sent on PayPal “Sent As Friend” because the expense is generally considered advertising, and since there are no warranties necessary, only unnecessary fees are charged. If there is any concerns, questions or issues, please either contact me with the Contact Form or you can email me at versatileer (at) gmail (dot) com. The Versatileer website’s Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and all pertinent information is listed below.


The Social Media Gurus Network: The Versatileer website is directly involved with the Social Media Gurus Network’s (SMGN) Gift Guides. This is a set of seven yearly gift guides, one for each seasonal coverage for gift giving. The guides are followed by thousands of people, and shared over a network of bloggers–shared by posting the guide on mine and the other bloggers’ websites through the Social Media Gurus Network. The guides present the opportunity to get exposure of the network’s 617,000+ followers backing the blogging network. I would like to invite you to our group gift guides. 2024 is our 8th year of putting together gift guides with a variety of bloggers. If you are interested in being informed every time a giveaway starts, please JOIN my Bloggers Opps Form HERE and I will get you signed up every time before the Bloggers Opps are starting. If you are already in the SMGN Network, no need to sign up again! I already have you on my mailing list. If you are interested in becoming a Co-Host for one or more–or all the annual gift guides for the year of 2024, you can JOIN my Co-Host Form HERE. If you have any other requests or issues, please send information in my Contact Form, and I will email you a response. Thank you for your support!

Additional Information:

If you are a blogger interested in joining me and our other fine bloggers in the network, please either fill out the Contact Request Form, or you can contact Deliciously Savvy f .

Versatileer Other Disclosure Information:

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