Here are the videos of the April 19th to 20th rare hybrid Ningaloo solar eclipse near Australia. These videos entail the last fully total (hybrid) eclipse until the “Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2024” coming up on April 8, 2024.

The video of the Australia feed, starts out in the Indian Ocean going fully into the Pacific Ocean as it crosses on the northwest quadrant of Australia. Happy videos!

Satellite Imagery, April 19th-20th Hybrid Solar Eclipse:

@jerrymarquardt4648 on YouTubeHybrid Solar Eclipse – Australia – April 19th & April 20th, 2023 Video: Courtesy of Australian Government , Bureau of Meteorology

Eclipse by the GOES West:G18_fd_GEOCOLOR_24fr_20230420-0127.gif

 Far west Pacific Ocean: Video courtesy of

Video: Courtesy @timeanddate on YouTubeLIVE: Total Solar Eclipse – April 20, 2023


Map © 2023 Versatileer

April 20th Solar Eclipse Information:

“Ningaloo Eclipse” Hybrid Solar Eclipse Happened 04/20/23
Was Global Event: Hybrid Solar Eclipse
Local Type: Hybrid Solar Eclipse, in Australia, S. Pacific, into South America
Partiality Began:  Apr 19 at 8:34:26 pm
Totality Began: Apr 19 at 9:37:08 pm
Maximum: Apr 19 at 11:16:53 pm 1.0132 Magnitude:
76 Seconds: 9.6°S 125.8°E
Totality Ended: Apr 20 at 12:56:43 am
Partiality Ended: Apr 20 at 1:59:22 am
Total Span Was: PENUMBRAL = 03:19:35, TOTAL EVENT = 06:25:04

Times CDST Information courtesy of

Future Solar Eclipse Information:


Solar Eclipse Information: 2023 – 2031
(Map Link)
of Greatest Eclipse
Map Link)
Region of Eclipse Visibility
04/20/2023 04:17:55 Hybrid 129 1.013 01m16s S.E. Asia, E. Indies, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand [Hybrid: Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea]
10/14/2023 18:00:40 Annular 134 0.952 05m17s North America, Central America, South America [Annular: W. U.S., Central America, Colombia, Brazil]
04/08/2024 18:18:29 Total 139 1.057 04m28s North America, Central America
[Total: Mexico, C. U.S., E. Canada]
10/02/2024 18:46:13 Annular 144 0.933 07m25s Pacific, S. South America
[Annular: S. Chile, S. Argentina]
03/29/2025 10:48:36 Partial 149 0.938 N.W. Africa, Europe, N. Russia
09/21/2025 19:43:04 Partial 154 0.855 S. Pacific, New Zealand, Antarctica
02/17/2026 12:13:05 Annular 121 0.963 02m20s S. Argentina & Chile, S. Africa, Antarctica [Annular: Antarctica]
08/12/2026 17:47:05 Total 126 1.039 02m18s N. North America, W. Africa, Europe
[Total: Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain]
02/06/2027 16:00:47 Annular 131 0.928 07m51s South America, Antarctica, W & S. Africa [Annular: Chile, Argentina, Atlantic]
08/02/2027 10:07:49 Total 136 1.079 06m23s Africa, Europe, Mid-East, W. & S. Asia [Total:Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia]
01/26/2028 15:08:58 Annular 141 0.921 10m27s E. North America, Central America & South America, W. Europe, N.W. Africa
[Annular: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Suriname, Spain, Portugal]
07/22/2028 02:56:39 Total 146 1.056 05m10s S.E. Asia, E. Indies, Australia, New Zealand
[Total: Australia, New Zealand]
01/14/2029 17:13:47 Partial 151 0.871 North America, Central America
06/12/2029 04:06:13 Partial 118 0.458 Arctic, Scandinavia, Alaska, N. Asia, N. Canada
07/11/2029 15:37:18 Partial 156 0.230 S. Chile, S. Argentina
12/05/2029 15:03:57 Partial 123 0.891 S. Argentina, S. Chile, Antarctica
06/01/2030 06:29:13 Annular 128 0.944 05m21s Europe, N. Africa,
Mid-East, Asia, Arctic, Alaska
[Annular: Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Russia, N. China, Japan]
11/25/2030 06:51:37 Total 133 1.047 03m44s S. Africa, S. Indian Ocean, E. Indies, Australia, Antarctica
[Total: Botswana, S. Africa, Australia]
05/21/2031 07:16:04 Annular 138 1.047 05m26s S. Africa, S. Indian Ocean, E. Indies, Australia
[Annular: Tansania, India, Malaysia, Indonesia]
11/14/2031 21:07:31 Hybrid 143 1.047 01m08s N. Pacific, Aleutians, Hawaii, S. Pacific, N. Pacific, S. America, N. America
[Hybrid=Sunrise & Sunset; Total in Middle; Annular: Panama]

Times UTC Information courtesy of

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Disclosure: I had contacted in reference to sharing the screenshots in a .gif, to no avail. So because I was not able to get permission to share the photos and screenshots, I have gone on to make available the next best versions I could find that are legally available. We always make legally available copies of everything that is shared–and respect the sharing rights and decision of every company (or lack or possibility of a response).

More information on future solar and lunar eclipses can be found at

Specific Information on Hybrid Solar Eclipse – 04/20/23 from

Specific information on the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30, 2022 from TimeandDate.comAnd more information on future eclipses, please visit NASA at:NASA Eclipse Web Site >

An Eclipse Never Comes Alone!
A lunar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a solar eclipse.
See you in today: Lunar Eclipse – May 5th-6th, 2023

In any solar eclipse, using sunglasses, welding glasses are not rated for viewing. Care for your eyes. Resist the temptation for direct viewing of any annular, partial or total eclipse while not completely blocked by the shadow of the Sun!


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