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The Importance of Plumbing + Resources

With the celebration of World Plumbing Day yesterday, March 11th, I am highlighting and featuring the great respect for our highly qualified individuals who become plumbers for the important role of plumbing and in protecting our public and private health. Without properly functioning plumbing, our modern society would not be where it is today.. .…Read more The Importance of Plumbing + Resources

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Happy National Worship of Tools Day – 2022

Today is National Worship of Tools Day. . . The love of tools goes back just about as far as humankind, and Time the Toolman Taylor is a part of our very earliest existence. Whether you are inside or out, if your are in the trades or just a homeowner or even renting, tools make…Read more Happy National Worship of Tools Day – 2022

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Making Your Tile Project a Go – Tips and Pointers + Resources

Making the best decision in your flooring or tile remodeling project. . . With the recent celebration of National Tile Day yesterday, On February 23rd, recognition for the timeless element of architecture and design in the world of tile is very fulfilling. Around the world, tile plays a variety of roles: A modest charm to…Read more Making Your Tile Project a Go – Tips and Pointers + Resources

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National Inventors Day – 2022

National Inventors' Day!!! A day to celebrate those who made all those inventions. . . Happy National Inventors'  Day ! ! ! 👓 ☎️ 🔌 📠 💡 🔦 📞 👓 ☎️ 🔌 📠 💡 🔦 📞 👓 ☎️ 🔌 📠 💡 🔦 📞 A Brief History: Origination: National Inventors’ Day was yesterday, and it is a day…Read more National Inventors Day – 2022