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My review of The iLLASPARKZ Gift Card


iLLASPARKZ Gift Card as featured: iLLASPARKZ Website

iLLASPARKZ Jewelry Company & The Accessories Mall has very great personalized jewelry that makes me so excited because the fact that the products are all nickel and lead free, so corrosion is at a minimum, which is real great news for wear in summer and use with conjunction of glove wear. The fact that there is much less corrosion is also great for the general wear and tear on the jewelry alone.


So, I am absolutely thrilled to review the iLLASPARKZ Gift Card! The first experience that I had with the iLLASPARKZ Accessory Mall was when they were featured in November of 2017 on the television show “The Real” when the show had featured a promotional contest whereby welcoming entrants to enter an online giveaway to win a $50 gift card to the iLLASPARKZ Accessory Mall. I love “The Real”, so when I heard about the contest, I immediately went and checked the iLLASPARKZ Accessory Mall‘s website out, and my first impression of the online store was very spectacular. I was so impressed at the fine and outstanding choice with thousands of pieces to choose from, and also the character and style available from all the collections of the women’s accessories. I was equally impressed that they had an outstanding collection of men’s accessories were available! Then last year, the latest great offers of offering a great line of Face Masks. . . The head turning and eyes brightening while viewing the elegant choices of jewelry and accessories is absolutely enchanting, and their whole collection of pieces are all made from the best quality materials, all being nickel and especially lead-free–so that tarnishing on your hand is minimal and the jewelry is safe for everybody’s health. The dual advantage of nickel and lead free jewelry also mean added durability, and astonishing brilliance–no matter which selection.

Now, the Gift Card:image1281295393477486911103928-2.png

There are 4 different denominations to choose from when placing your iLLASPARKZ Gift Card on the online store:

  • A E-Gift Card can be purchased in any denomination from $10.00 to $100.00.

The gift card makes it very easy to have your friends and relatives go shopping when you are not exactly sure what to give them, or are not exactly familiar with what will make them happy. The website is very friendly and easy to understand in order to make sure that you order the right set first time around. The website also features a cart that is super easy to understand, and even has a box whereby you are able to enter personalized information so that when ordering, you are able to communicate with iLLASPARKZ to affirm that your order will be just the way that you place it. Communication is always a plus when you place your order, making the order process a fun experience. I am equally impressed that once you place your order, that the iLLASPARKZ website shows a map of your location to where the order is to be delivered. What better way to go the extra mile to happiness on that special occasion, by giving the gift of choice with an iLLASPARKZ Gift Card!

When Kat Sparkman, owner of the iLLASPARKZ Accessory Mall states to “happily accessorize yourself”, she is not kidding around. iLLASPARKZ goes above and beyond, by making sure that the product line is completely safe, durable and beautiful. The versatile assortment of pieces that are Funky, Chic, Unique and/or everything in between is always affordable and every Girls Dream!!

(As seen on) Episode 27 -The Lil’ Mo Spotlight | feat. ILLASPARKZ founder Kat Sparkman
Courtesy of @thelilmopodcast on YouTube
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48 thoughts on “iLLASPARKZ Gift Card – Review

  1. I like that the products are nickel-free. I’m not sure that nickel is what irritates my skin in a lot of jewelry, but I bet it’s the nickel.

  2. This is a new to me online site. Love everything and the prices are reasonable. I gift card is a great way to introduce the recipient to this site especially if they do not know about it. Plus a gift card lets them choose an item they like.

  3. The jewelry is so stylish and unique. I have an allergy to nickel, so I appreciate the products being nickel free.

  4. The iLLASPARKZ Gift Card is a versatile and convenient choice for gifting, allowing recipients to explore a wide range of fashionable and trendy accessories to suit their personal style.

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