#LIVE It’s Mars!! As never seen before! In just 12 hours. . .The Perseverance Rover Mission landing is scheduled at 2:55 pm CST that originally launched last July 30th from NASA with the assistance of SpaceX. The rover will attempt to land in the Jezero Crater, an ancient Martian lake about the size of Lake Tahoe. If it is successful, the rover is going to spend years exploring the river delta and making its way to the crater rim. My hope is success! Enjoy watching this!

@NASA #LIVE Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!

More information is available at the official NASA website: NASA Invites Public to Share Thrill of Mars Perseverance Rover Landing

Courtesy of NASA

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UPDATE: The latest “Patch Party” photo:

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  1. I would eventually like to see use invest in going to Mars, but with the country as it is right now is not the right time. We simply don’t have the money.

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