September’s Giveaway Linky

I am bringing to you the new #GiveawayLinky listing – a place where bloggers, persons with a giveaway, etc. -- and you, can come by every month and check out of any size giveaway for more entries – all for you! I love blog hops with giveaways, so a giveaway linky listing always helps get…Read more September’s Giveaway Linky

Tips & Pointers – Winning in Style – #Giveaways & #Sweepstakes

We love to enter those sweepstakes and giveaways. When we win, we are so elated! Here are my best tips and pointers on entering sweepstakes and giveaways. Whatever you do, don't expect to win overnight.With those entries win is imminent, as the numbers go into your favor. Bitterness is the evil to all sweepers. Share,…Read more Tips & Pointers – Winning in Style – #Giveaways & #Sweepstakes