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My review of the iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set

iLLASPARKZ Jewelry Company has very great personalized jewelry that makes me so excited because the fact that the products are all nickel and lead free, so corrosion is at a minimum, which is real great news for wear in summer and use with conjunction of glove wear. The fact that there is much less corrosion is also great for the general wear and tear on the jewelry alone.
iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set

iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set as featured on the iLLASPARKZ Website

So, I am absolutely thrilled to review the iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set! Sets are ordered on the iLLASPARKZ website in sets of three. The whole choice of styles has five different choices: Gold, Black, Silver, Blue and Rose Gold. All the styles are very sharp and fashionable. My personal favorite is the blue, because I think that it looks chic and vivid. I have given these to many of my friends and family, and in every case I get nothing but great compliments and many thanks. Being as long-lasting, the stylishness, and its feature of having sturdy cuff style–plus being stainless steel that is tarnish free and waterproof; and finally elements of being lead and nickel compliant, I must give the full five stars rating on the Signature Bangle Set. I go out of my way in order to recommend these to my friends, family and following, every day–because they not only make sense for reasons of durability, but make budget sense.

There are several advantages to why jewelry being nickel and lead free have on the buyer. First tarnishing has nothing to do with the nickel in the material, but the combination of lead and nickel-free jewelry, which is not only safe and good to your body–but then it is also tarnish-free in nature. iLLASPARKZ goes above and beyond, by making sure that the product line is completely safe, durable and beautiful.

There are 31 different style combinations to choose from on placing your Signature Bangle Set order, and the website is very friendly and easy to understand in order to make sure that you order the right set first time around. The website also features a cart that is super easy to understand, and even has a box whereby you are able to enter personalized information so that when ordering, you are able to communicate with iLLASPARKZ to affirm that your order will be just the way that you place it. Communication is always a plus when you place your order, making the order process a fun experience. I am equally impressed that once you place your order, that the iLLASPARKZ website shows a map of your location to where the order is to be delivered. Of all the website reviews on the Signature Bangle Set, they are all five star! This is a great and modest investment, a great gift-giver, and all around great choice.


All Five Styles/Colors:


iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-Gold

The iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set in the Gold selection

iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-Black

The iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set in the Black selection

iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-Silver

The iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set in the Silver selection

iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-Blue

The iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set in the Blue selection

iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-Rose Goldr

The iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set in the Rose Gold selection

iLLASPARKZ The Accessory Mall Signature Bangle Set
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26 thoughts on “iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set – Review

  1. So pretty!! Ahh! Im so excited because I was the winner of your giveaway for these!! It sounds like the bangles are high quality and very beautiful!

  2. This article hit my concerns right on the head! Especially with jewelry that cost under $20! It is comforting to know that if you buy this as a gift, it won’t turn green or tarnish, and is lead and nickel-free safe jewelry, 31 different styles and a gorgeous choice of colors! This was definitely pin worthy and I shared on other Social Media. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Bangle’s have to be one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry. They are so universal and work with just about anything.

  4. I thought this looked familiar. I have commented here before! We have 4 daughters, 15 grandkids = they include 4 grandsons and 11 granddaughters, and 2 great grandkids = 1 is a girl so I know they would make a great gift 🎁 for anyone one of them. I would have to get theirs engraved so we know who’s bracelet belongs to who.
    I do like the different attractive colors. The holidays are coming up ⬆️. I have to share!!

  5. These bracelets are so pretty! I love all of the colors that they come in, but the blue really stands out to me! It is very cool. Thank you so much for your review!

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