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Here is a list of past winners from all VersaTileer hosted giveaways. Winners listed here and on the page.

The VersaTileerWalk of Fame” starts from the latest winner:

September 2021 – Clemencio$10 U-Pick-It: ANY Gift Card/Glam & Glitz Giveaway Hop
[CHOICE=PayPal Cash]
Clemencio responded I received it. Many thanks!

September 2021 – Heather$10 U-Pick-It: ANY Gift Card/Glam & Glitz Giveaway Hop
[CHOICE=PayPal Cash]

August 2021 – Debbie P.$10 U-Pick-It: ANY Gift Card/Old School Giveaway Hop
[CHOICE=Amazon eGift Card]
Debbie P. responded Thank you for the Gift Card! — Hope you have a nice evening also. Thanks again.

August 2021 – Michael S.$10 PayPal/Apple a Day Giveaway Hop

July 2021 – Bryan V. – $10 Amazon eGift Card/Sip Sip Hooray Giveaway Hop
[CHOICE=Amazon eGift Card]
Bryan V.
responded Thank you so much I would love amazon—Thanks again have a good day”Hi Jerry, got it!!!
Bryan V__Thank you--Have a Great Day!.gif
~Bryan ~

July 2021 – Daniela P. – $10 PayPal Cash/Sparkle Time Giveaway Hop
Daniela P.
responded Hi Jerry, got it!!! Thanks a lot. Have a great week, Daniela.

July 2021 – Jeanna S. – iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-2 Rose Gold 1 Blue Giveaway/Dads & Grads Gift Guide Giveaway

June 2021 – Alisha M. – $10 Amazon eGift Card/Dad-o-mite Giveaway Hop

June 2021 – David B.$10 PayPal Cash/Berry Good Giveaway Hop

May 2021 – Jenny H.$10 PayPal Cash/Moms Rock Giveaway Hop
Jenny H.
responded Thanks so much I got my $10.— I appreciate it. 😁—Jenny

May 2021 – Bryan V.$10 Amazon eGift Card/Life’s A Beach Giveaway Hop

May 2021 – Megan A.iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-2 Rose Gold 1 Black/Come What May Giveaway Hop
Megan A.
responded Hi!! I absolutely will do that![SHARE PHOTO] I just received my bangles and they are so pretty! I love them! Thank you so much!! I hope you had an amazing 4th of July!

April 2021 – Laurie N. – $10 Wayfair eGift Card/Rain Drops on Roses Giveaway Hop

April 2021 – Edye G. – iLLASPARKZ Signature Bangle Set-2 Gold 1 Silver/April Showers Giveaway Hop

April 2021 – Debbie P. – $10 Amazon eGift Card/Honey Bunny Giveaway Hop

March 2021 – Leela L. – $10 Amazon eGift Card/Lady Luck Giveaway Hop

March 2021 – Jennifer S. – Perseverance Rover Mission Landing on Mars/$ 10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway
Jennifer S.
responded Received, thank you so much. Have a wonderful day 💕

March 2021 – Wendy H. – $10 PayPal Cash/Blog Anniversary Giveaway
Wendy H.
responded thanks again

March 2021 – Wendy H.A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry + $5 Amazon eGift Card/HERstory Giveaway Hop

March 2021 – Bryan V.iLLASPARKZ $100 Gift Card/Let’s Get Lucky! Giveaway Hop
Bryan V.
responded Thank you so much I found it cant wait to shop

March 2021 – Rochelle H.$10 Amazon eGift Card/Lady Luck Giveaway Hop
Rochelle H.
responded Thank you got it

February 2021 – Nicole M. – $10 Amazon eGift Card/Wish Big Giveaway Hop
Nicole M. responded Thank you!!! 🙂

February 2021 – Jennifer L. – “Everybody In The Church Ain’t Saved” by Patti Trafton + $5 Amazon eGift Card/Black Romance Giveaway Hop

February 2021 – Jen P. – iLLASPARKZ $30 Gift Card/Heart 2 Heart Giveaway Hop

January 2021 – Rochelle H. – iLLASPARKZ $30 Gift Card/Winter Wishes Giveaway Hop

January 2021 – Jessica H. – “Darkness on the Delta” by G.E. Johnson + $5 Amazon eGift Card/MLK Giveaway Hop

January 2021 – Susan L.$10 Amazon eGift Card/New Year New You Giveaway Hop
Susan L. responded
Thank you again!😻

December 2020 – Wen B.$10 Starbucks eGift Card – Dashing Giveaway Hop

December 2020 – Rochelle H.$10 Amazon eGift Card/Merry Little Christmas Giveaway Hop
Rochelle H. responded
Thank you happy new years!!

December 2020 – Ken O.$5 PayPal Cash/Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop
Ken O. responded
Thank you Jerry, Received the 5.00 Happy New Year to you, Ken

December 2020 – Helen B.$30 iLLASPARKZ Gift Card in the Women’s Black Criss Criss Ring with Orange Stones Giveaway/Holly Jolly Giveaway Hop

June to December 2020 – Rajee P.Treat Your Gift Cards Like Cash + $5.60 Fandango eGift Card/Christmas Giveaway

December 2020 – Ashley C.$5 Darden Restaurants eGift card/Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

December 2020 – Deana D.$10 Amazon eGift Card/Holiday HOHOHO Giveaway Hop

November 2020 – Jeanna M.$10 Wayfair eGift Card/In Everything Give Thanks Giveaway Hop

November 2020 – Bryan V. – $10 Amazon eGift Card/Gobble Till Ya Wobble Giveaway Hop

November 2020 – Kim A.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Denice Ring/Lucky Leaf Giveaway Hop

October 2020 – Rita W.$10 Starbucks eGift Card/Thanks A Latte Giveaway Hop

October 2020 – The Breast Cancer Research Foundation$100 PLEDGE PAID/Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop

October 2020 – Ann F.$10 Amazon eGift Card/Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop
Ann F. responded
Thank you very much! Hope to hear again from you in the future 🙂

October 2020 – Laura R.$5 Red Robin eGift card/Meowloween Giveaway Hop
Laura R. responded
Awesome, thank you so much!

October 2020 – Rochelle H. – iLLASPARKZ Women’s Cilla Ring/Color Me Lucky Giveaway Hop

October 2020 – Tabathia B.$10 Landry’s Restaurant eGift Card/Spooktacular Giveaway Hop

September 2020 – Edye$50 Lily Nily eGift Card/Fabulous Fall Giveaway Hop

September 2020 – Kari B.$10 Nike eGift card/An Apple A Day Giveaway Hop
Kari B. responded Thank you so much!

September 2020 – Tawny F. – $10 Landry’s Restaurant eGift Card/Hello Autumn Giveaway Hop

September 2020 – Shirley E. – iLLASPARKZ Women’s Carina Crystal Gold Ring/Picture Day Giveaway Hop

September 2020 – Alex B. – $5 Cheesecake Factory eGift card/September To Remember Giveaway Hop

August 2020 – Rochelle H.$10 Multi-Brand Giftpax eGift Card/Back to School Giveaway Hop

August 2020 – Amy N.$10 Nike eGift card/Handle the Heat Giveaway Hop

August 2020 – Robert Y.$5 Dunkin’ Donuts eGift card/Return To Learn Giveaway Hop

August 2020 – Ann F.$10 Chili’s-On The Border-Maggiano’s eGift Card/Sweet Summertime Giveaway Hop

August 2020 – Tom G.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Alexandre Sparkling Gold Ring/One in a Melon Giveaway Hop

July 2020 – Shannon O.$50 Fandango eGift card/Summer Vibes Giveaway Hop
Shannon O. respondedThanks again! I love your blog.

July 2020 – Rochelle H.$10 Nike eGift card/Seas the Day Giveaway Hop
Rochelle H. responded Thank you

July 2020 – Marcus M.$5 Tropical Smoothie Cafe eGift card/Feline Fine Giveaway Hop

July 2020 – Monique S.$25 AMC Theatres eGift Card/Christmas in July Giveaway Hop

July 2020 – Kelly W.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Daring Ring/Star Spangled Giveaway Hop
Kelly W. responded Good afternoon, just wanted to check in and let you know I received the ring. Thank you so very much. It is so pretty. I can’t wait to show it off . Thank from the bottom of my heart. What a blessing you are! Have a blessed week and be safe.

June 2020 – Rochelle H. – $10 iTunes eGift Card/Gift Card Giveaway Hop
Rochelle H. responded Thank you

June 2020 – Sandy K. – $5 Lands’ End eGift card/Come Out & Play Giveaway Hop

June 2020 – Stephanie L. – $25 Fandango eGift card/Daddy Shark Giveaway Hop

June 2020 – Amber L.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Aliyah Cold Heart Ring/June Vibes Giveaway Hop

May 2020 – Sharon R.$25 Fandango eGift card/Full Bloom Giveaway Hop
Sharon R. respondedThank you Jerry.

May 2020 – Rachel G.$5 Sephora eGift card/Life’s A Beach MayDays Giveaway Hop
Rachel G. responded Thanks so much Jerry!

May 2020 – Janet L.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Addison Silver Ring Set/The Mother May I Giveaway Hop

April 2020 – Kristen$25 Fandango eGift card/Something to Marble At Giveaway Hop

April 2020 – Jae P.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Chantel Classy Diamond Ring/ Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop

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March 2020 – Young M.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Arianna Ring/Snow Much Fun Giveaway Hop

February 2020 – Sheila R.$25 Fandango eGift card/Snow-Body Like You Giveaway Hop

February 2020 – Jennifer B.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Black with Pink and Clear Stones Ring/Cat’s Meow Giveaway Hop

January 2020 – Deidra D.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Dryope Ring/Roaring 20’s Giveaway Hop

December 2019 – Stacey T.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Daffodil Diamond Pyramid Ring/Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop

November 2019 – Danielle M. – iLLASPARKZ Women’s Black Pearl Ring/Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

October 2019 – Tara C.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Blossom Ring/Howl-O-Ween Giveaway Hop

September 2019 – Thomas S.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Ctesylla Ring

August 2019 – Desiree R.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Different Size Stones Black Ring

July 2019 – Julie W.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Berna Yellow Stone Ring

June 2019 – Marcus M.iLLASPARKZ Men’s Al B Gold Ring

June 2019 – NO ENTRIES (Physically given to a random person) – FLASH Giveaway-Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Passes

May 2019 – Vicki L.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Dotis Ring
Vicki L. responded “I received the ring. Thank you so much. It’s gorgeous. Are you having another giveaway soon?

April 2019 – Carl J.iLLASPARKZ Women’s Anjelic Jewel Gold Ring

March 2019 – Leah S. – iLLASPARKZ Women’s Amany Glamorous Stone Silver Ring

December 2018 to January 2019 – Mya M. – iLLASPARKZ Women’s Stoney Aqua Stone Crystal Trim Ring

October to November 2018 – Donna K.iLLASPARKZ Men’s Stanley Gem Stainless Steel Ring

July 2018 – Betsy M.Two Night Stay – Pechanga Resort & Casino
Betsy M. responded Yes, we did receive the docs (Thanks Again!). . .Take care, Betsy

May 2018 – Donna H.$5 Starbucks Coffee Cup Bookmark Gift Card
Donna H. respondedThank you so much you didn’t need to do that. You are so kind.

April 2018 – Malvin Z. – $5 eGift Card for Piercing Pagoda Jewelry
Malvin Z. respondedThank you very much for the $5 eGift Card for Piercing…Pagoda Jewelry; it will definitely come in very handy for Mother’s Day.

April 2018 – #1 = Kelsi
#2 = Tammy C.2 x Ula’s Washington Mexican Restaurant $25 Gift Certificates
Tammy C. respondedThank you Jerry. Keep up the great Work. . .Hi Jerry, I received my $25 Gift Certificate today. Thanks so much.

September to October 2017 – Kelly S. – Willis Tower SkyDeck – 4 Passes

VersaTileer co-hosts giveaways, blitzes and events. This list only lists winners of my hosted giveaways. Information on winners of co-hosted posts are on the direct pages, and I cannot provide information of fulfillment of any such prize(s). Co-sponsored events are listed on the pages as “CLOSED”.


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