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Fur on Film: Tips for Taking Instagram-Worthy Dog Photos
by Charlene Roth –
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Fur on Film: Tips for Taking Instagram-Worthy Dog Photos

The internet can be a divisive place but if there’s one thing we’re all (more or less) united on, it’s pet photos. Instagram loves a dog, and, with a few handy shooting tips from Versatileer, who knows what exciting opportunities await you and your prize pooch?

Before You Shoot

If you want to create the best photo possible, it’s important to prepare in advance. Here are a couple of key pointers before you swipe onto your camera.

  • Natural lighting produces the clearest results and the least harsh shadows but artificial lighting produced from multiple angles can often help you to compensate.
  • Make sure you’ve worked out which is your dog’s best side and find a way to keep them still!
  • Stock up on treats – a pocket full of something delicious can help them cooperate during a long shoot.

As You Shoot

Once you’ve set up the right conditions for the shoot, you’ll need to be on your game if you want to capture your buddy at their best.

  • Timing is key if you want to capture their most endearing angles. Practice often, and your results will quickly improve.
  • It can be worth switching settings as you shoot – live photos give you more options in post-production, for example.
  • Try shooting from various, different angles – up above, down below, at ground level, or even diagonally.

Extra Tips

Beyond pointing and shooting, there’s plenty of extra preparation you can put in to affect the outcome of your photos.

Dog photos may not look like rocket science but with a diligent approach, you’ll see a huge improvement in results. Just remember to care for your pooch’s wellbeing at all stages of the shoot.

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