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Hi, My name is Jerry. I have put together this website because I like to share with the world great merchandise and service reviews, promotions, photography, books, safety information, fraud alerts, weather details and real living elements. I am 59 and like have always identified more with Generation X and have many Generation Y friends and following. My goal through this page is to provide my guide to making the best of time, money and contribute my expertise in real living skills. I would like to review your product and/or service. By demand I can provide credentials from companies that I work with, and you can cruise around my Reviews section and check out what I have going on there. I am part of the Social Media Gurus Network–a network of 10-25 bloggers with record amount of years experience at promoting products, services, books, entertainment and other marketable items and/or services. The guides are a set of seven yearly gift guides, one for each seasonal coverage for gift giving. The guides are followed by thousands of people, and shared over a network of bloggers with exposure of the network’s 617,000+ followers. .I also utilize the giveaway format which works very well with many companies. I thank you for checking my website out, and look forward to assisting in your marketing plans. . I am also currently featuring Book Blitzes, Book Tours & Cover Reveals through Xpresso Book Tours.

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Lifetime Website views: Ending September 2023 (Since 2017) = 323 K

If you would like Versatileer‘s full Media Kit, please email me at the following address: versatileer-at-gmail-dot-com or fill in the Contact Request Form.

Versatileer Review Policy
Thank you for your interest in Versatileer. If you would like to contact me regarding any Public Relations inquiries, for fastest service, please do so at the following address… versatileer-at-gmail-dot-com or fill in the Contact Request Form. Your inquiry is very important to us, and Versatileer thanks you dearly.

The Versatileer Review Policy

  • Full-sized items must be sent for review and will become property of Versatileer. Items will not be returned.
  • Sponsor is responsible for shipping product(s) at the company seeking review’s expense.
  • At Versatileer‘s discretion, after a company review, some exceptions for shipping the product via Amazon, being a Prime member where there is no shipping charges, and PayPal will be accepted in lieu as compensation to shipping, unless shipping charges are met as well in the PayPal transaction. Please make sure that the PayPal transaction is sent in U.S. dollars and “SENT AS FRIEND”. The Versatileer PayPal address is only sent at discretion per your forward request, and is not published here. Please indicate in the memo section the exact description or SKU number so it can be matched up with the item up for review. There are no exceptions in that the PayPal transaction must be completed before the item is ordered -or – a contract and/or promissory note must be signed and returned, full size scanned into an email. Versatileer can accept payment via other methods such as Zelle or CashApp, at Versatileer‘s forward discretion and again the address for such will only be provided in advance. The terms at Amazon (or another company, at discretion) must state returnability, and if a transaction is not tracked within the promised period, the item will be returned via Amazon, with information and a copy of the promissory note. This is not to embarrass, but to make sure that they are aware that a discrepancy and or possible fraudulent activity has transpired. Versatileer‘s special privacy rule in this case states explicitly that you agree for the exchange of information with Amazon (or another company, at discretion)
  • Product(s) must meet or exceed $25.00 in value, unless agreed in writing via email. If you have any questions, please contact me by email or Contact Request Form.
  • Review will be posted within 2-6 weeks after receiving the product, unless indicated by request, and approved by Versatileer in advance. If you have a request for a certain time frame, please let me know. Some dates will be entertained and honored.
  • Product reviews will be posted on the Versatileer website, as well as on social media, unless otherwise indicated. Products are only reviewed on other sources, such as Amazon, by your advanced request if approved by by Versatileer in advance.
  • Versatileer has been and is only a family-friendly website, and all products must meet this criteria.
  • Products or services involving politics in any way, shape or form, will not be considered for review on the Versatileer website.
  • Products shipped that violate the above criteria will not be returned, no exceptions.
  • Product reviews will always contain a link to the company’s website, and their Facebook, Twitter and/or other optional social media pages and where the item being reviewed can be purchased. It is the contact requesting the reviews responsibility to furnish this information ahead of the review. If links are not provided before the items are received for review, I will send a friendly reminder, but the review will be postponed until the URL links to the manufacture point website and the store or internet page where the item can be purchased are received. Amazon is an acceptable store. eBay can be acceptable, only if you are a store that uses eBay regularly, and the links must be guaranteed to work for a minimum of one (1) year after the review is posted. All social media links will be used that are received, but social media is optional, so if I do not receive the information timely and the review is already published before I receive the information, I can only amend the post at a nominal charge that will be agreed to at the time in question–and cannot guarantee that a server will post the amended post properly.
  • Coupon codes and/or other sales that you would like to provide to my readers in conjunction with a review are free of charge. If at a later date you would like to notify my readers of an additional discount and/or sale, this will be posted at a nominal charge.
  • After the review is posted, a link will be provided in whichever method you have used as your point of contact.
  • Any methods used for point of contact must be able to exchange the following methods of distribution of forms: .jpg / .jpeg, .png, .gif, or .pdf. Please do not attempt to scan any other file formats (especially .zip or .rar files) in an email or other communication to Versatileer. I will not open up any such attachments, no exceptions.
  • If the terms described above have not been met, Versatileer reserves the right to not post a review.
  • Any request for an item to be returned will not be honored, no exceptions.

The Versatileer Sponsorship Policy

  • Entering Giveaways The rules for Versatileer giveaways are listed on both the widget and the giveaway post. Rules for co-sponsored events that Versatileer is bringing to Versatileer‘s followers, are not Versatileer‘s responsibility–including other participants in blog hops, items on the “Giveaway Roll” daily page, and entered giveaways on the Versatileer Giveaway Linky. The only giveaways that Versatileer is responsible for are tagged #MyGiveaways, and if it is a sponsored event, the store or manufacturer of the product may be responsible. Versatileer will make the best attempt at procuring a contact point for securing a status of some type involving a giveaway, but no guarantees can be given, unless Versatileer is the responsible party. The terms & conditions of each giveaway are in the giveaway widgets. Usually a time period of 48 hours, unless indicated otherwise to claim the prize will prevail, and if response is not rendered, prize will be forfeited and the next winner in line will win. I Retweet your Tweets. If your Twitter newsfeed becomes too cluttered for your preferences, please either fill in the Contact Request Form or Direct Message (DM) @Versatileer on Twitter that you are unfollowing me. If you do this, I will waive the required “Follow Me” entries on Twitter. I never wish you to get unintended Tweets, but for marketing purposes, I need to do Retweeting. For other general giveaway rules please CLICK this post: Giveaway Terms & Conditions.
  • Sponsoring Giveaways Sponsors are responsible for providing and shipping prize items. Versatileer is not held responsible for prize fulfillment and/or shipping costs. Other items of concern:
    • Giveaways are run via Rafflecopter and winners are chosen randomly via Random-dot-org and notified by email.
    • Giveaways duration will be approximately three to six weeks in length, unless a #FLASHGiveaway and incentive is provided for to compensate such a rapid style giveaway. The giveaway can go to the desired length but Versatileer strongly recommends holding it eight weeks or less.
    • Up to 6 links to the sponsors’ social media sites, website, and/or newsletter can be included as giveaway entries. One link can be a mandatory entry, meaning the giveaway relies on answering the entry, such as a mail-list or social media follow.
    • Giveaways will be promoted on social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter and may also be advertised on all other acceptable forums and websites for additional exposure.
    • The giveaways can be featured in a Social Media Guru’s Network Gift Guide by placing the request via email or by filling in the Contact Request Form. The gift guide has seven guide per year, one for each different season of the year, and by being featured, you are automatically networking within the network onto up to to 20 additional and different blogs within the network including my blog as well. There are no guarantees as to the numbers, because it is dependant on the network blogger’s participation, and is not required. These have been going over with dramatic results in the past, and come highly recommended by the sponsors going ahead to be featured. The gift guides are divided into sections based on the type of item going up for giveaway. The giveaway and giveaway header photo also will be posted on the gift guide. The giveaway must start up to three weeks before the ending date of the giveaway. In all cases, the giveaway must end on the date the gift guide ends, no exceptions. The giveaway must go LIVE near the three week before the gift guide ends date, unless as described above it becomes a #FLASHGiveaway. The product or service that is being given away will be promoted at least three times per week for the duration of the giveaway, unless otherwise specified. If it is a #FLASHGiveaway, I work out a social media schedule to suit the duration.
    • There is two rules for being featured in the gift guides:
      • The item must be able to be given away at a minimum of the Continental United States, but can be world-wide at the sponsor’s shipping availability. You must furnish information on where the giveaway is available before it is listed. Items shipped to Canada will require a special extra question as per Canadian law, and if it is available to Quebec, you must state this exception directly, and make sure the giveaway is valid there before it is listed.
      • The item up for giveaway must be shipped at the sponsor’s expense for review and sent to Versatileer‘s address (address will be given while setting up the giveaway). The review will be published on the Versatileer‘s #ProductReview section, and will be feature on the giveaway page, on the Versatileer website and throughout the network, for the term of the giveaway, and will be permanently archived after the finish of the giveaway. The review and photo also will be posted on the gift guide. The item will not be returned for any reason or request, no exceptions.
      • I must work out an incentive amount and/or the item for review can and sometimes can be considered compensation. I do my best to work up a fair agreement that both Versatileer and the sponsor can agree to. If the amount of the item up for review is agreed to as compensation, the amount of the provided ARV will be considered the amount of compensation (unless it is seen lower anytime during the giveaway period) and, as per federal law will be listed on the giveaway rules that I did receive compensation in lieu of the giveaway and/or the review, of which or both to be listed on the giveaway, and or review, at Versatileer‘s sole discretion.
      • You must disclose the following:
        • Approximate retail value of the item.
        • How long the item will take to be shipped to the winner, and when this is established, not to change the date, because it will be posted in the giveaway rules.
        • URL for the item being given away.
        • URL for the store or sale point, including a cart option.
        • Optional social media listing on the giveaway page, before it goes LIVE.
        • If the item is not shipped direct, you have to have written and approved request, and by no means ever attempt to charge a winner any type of fee. The item being given away must be at absolutely no charge to the winner, absolutely no exceptions what-so-ever.

Versatileer Disclosure

The Versatileer website is a personal, family website written and edited by Jerry Marquardt. The Versatileer website accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The Versatileer website is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner of the Versatileer website receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on the Versatileer website are purely the bloggers’ own and no form of compensation will ever alter the perception of any review. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. If, even though the product being up for review has revealed any form of defect either of character or other, including fitness, etc.–the sponsor will be notified in writing of such, and in the case of breakage, will request replacement, and delay will incur on posting of a giveaway and reviews. If the issue still doe not meet the expectation and minimum standards of being able to have a review posted, the sponsor will be notified in writing that it will not be possible to complete the review. A just amount for compensation for the attempted review will be issued an invoice for such. If the sponsor would like the items returned, the expense is completely at the sponsor’s additional responsibility. If an item is ever listed in a national recall, the sponsor is completely liable for every action incurred in order to rectify the recall. Any and all guarantee, warranties are express and implied exactly as if the item being given away is new and purchased, no exceptions. The item’s purchase date is the day the item is received in shipment. The sponsor must make sure of local and state laws, and keep in mind that even though the Versatileer website’s rules state people be over age 13, that the Versatileer website has only family friendly giveaways. No gambling, bitcoin or other prizes, or illegal merchandise. Merchandise must be legal in all states! No restrictions, must be able to be shipped anywhere within the giveaway zone (at least lower 48). The Versatileer website does not support any unhealthy giveaways such as cigarettes (never), or alcohol (other than wine and beer or gift card–no hard liquor/must be legally registered and licensed in the state you operate from with the proper license to ship nationwide) and you must let me know to put “Age 21+” in the giveaway rules. I will follow through as per your provided license, and nominal compensation for checking this with the winner and to set up the giveaway will be required before the giveaway starts. Products that require special permits such as guns, ammunition or even commercial equipment that consumers are not able to purchase will not be considered, no exceptions. Also, absolutely no giveaway in connection with political motivation will be considered, and no response will be administered to such requests.

I work with a series of different merchandisers. I try my best to refrain from any conflicts of interest, but don’t disclose preference of any one manufacturer or store. The Versatileer website does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest. Also the items being given away must fit the “family-friendly” attire of the Versatileer website.

VersaTileer Affiliate Links

This website may contain affiliate links where if you purchase an item through it, I may receive a very small commission. This amount goes back into the production cost of The Versatileer website. I thank you so much for any purchases made using my links, and promise to make it possible to sponsor even more useful information, giveaways and reviews.

Versatileer Privacy disclosure and effect on giveaway

Please know that should you win a prize on the Versatileer website your information, including but not limited to your name, address, and email address, will be shared with the sponsoring company for prize fulfillment. By entering the giveaways on the Versatileer website, you agree to have your information shared with the sponsoring companies. Also the Versatileer website does NOT spam. If you are required to subscribe to a mail list, in order to be eligible to win, and unsubscribe before the giveaway ending date, if you are chosen the winner, the prize will be forfeited and the next winner in line will win.

Versatileer Vendors, websites and businesses looking for promotion

The Versatileer website is part of the Social Media Gurus Network–a network of 10-25 bloggers with record amount of years experience at promoting products, services, books, entertainment and other marketable items and/or services. The guides are a set of seven yearly gift guides, one for each seasonal coverage for gift giving. The guides are followed by thousands of people, and shared over a network of bloggers–shared by posting the guide on mine and the other bloggers’ websites through the Social Media Gurus Network. The guides present the opportunity to get exposure of the network’s 617,000+ followers backing the blogging network. I would like to invite you to our group gift guides. 2024 is our 8th year of putting together gift guides with a variety of bloggers. If you are interested in the opportunity, please send information in my Contact Form, and I will get your information on sign up. Thank you for your support!

Additional Information:

If you are a company in need of marketing, please either fill out the Contact Request Form, or you can contact Melissa f HERE.

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