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My review of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has a very great commitment to the research and scientific goal to finding the whole answer to ending of breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to ending breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, and Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. Breast Cancer Research Foundation invests in a wide range of research-from prevention to metastasis-because each area of investigation informs another. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation convenes and connects the best minds in science, giving them the opportunity to pursue their most innovative ideas. Breast Cancer Research Foundation-funded investigators have been behind every major breakthrough in breast cancer research, and the field is moving faster than ever. Since the Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘s inception, deaths from breast cancer have declined by 40 percent in the U.S.! The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1993, and donations are tax-deductible. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is listed on the always between a rating of 89% to 92% (See the full report HERE). What this means is that the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is using that percentage to going towards the research, not to profit staffs and high overhead. More about charity’s proceed usage is covered in the article to explain, so that you are fully able to understand that a charity can be run very responsibly. See my article: Oct 16, 2021: Donate With Maximum Donation Going To Cause…Steering Clear of the Lofty Perch.

So, as I stated in my article: Jan 5, 2021 – The Battle for Breast Cancer Awareness is Part of the Answer, I am so glad to be able to attract persons year-round, especially in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October every year. Donation to this particular organization are very special to me because our family lost my cousin Lisa C. to cancer in the year 2015. Losses are always devastating, so when we lost her I was looking to meet a goal to seeing that an answer to the whole cancer issue was attained, and discovered a vast array of charities that stated that they were assisting in the long-term goal to battle cancer. I was interested in how much money I was donating to these original organizations and found that a lot of the charities were not at all donating very much of the proceeds to the cause. So I found an organization to choose a responsible foundation that chooses to run very responsibly. I was super impressed while looking at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘s Form 990, that so much more money was actually going to cause as compared to a lot of other options of charity to combat breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation also makes an honest synopsis of their explanation of how they hold an “A” rating from CharityWatch on their page at: I am in touch with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘s representative, Christine on an ongoing basis, and she keeps in touch and treats me just like I am family. I noticed that CharityWatch‘s rating had not changed in over a year, so the report from serves the same purpose and the website offers a way better interface and better options to finding the information that you need to make a decision before donating to any organization in the world, as stated above. So, I have another favor to ask of each and every one of my followers. I was wondering if you could spare even $5 or $10 to go to the fund. The battle for cancer goes on and on, and my goal before I leave earth is to see the day when we can all say that a cure has been found to battle cancer. What a celebration everyone will have if the day comes! Until then I am on this everlong campaign to really make a difference for everyone touched by cancer. And also, bless you for your donation!

Donate To Breast Cancer Research Foundation

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48 thoughts on “The Breast Cancer Research Foundation – Review

  1. I had to pin this article! I learned a little more about what to look for or ask organizations before donating. I figured some of the funds would have to go for a little overhead. In my opinion, it sounds like breast cancer is on the rise!
    Even for men!! I am really sorry to read about your cousin! I lost my two brothers in February within days of each other! My brother Tom was seeing a doctor for a month, because he was in pain. My sister-in-law called me saying that he was in the hospital. She had to call an ambulance. He passed out on their kitchen floor. That was on a Sunday. By Friday he was dead! Cindy called my other brother, Tony, who lived in TN to let him know about Tom. He died the next day of a heart attack. No one found him until his condo started smelling. The police found him dead in his bed decomposing! He was thinking of moving back by Tom. Well he got his wish. My point was before I rambled on, is that the doctors were shocked that my brother had a cancer called Mantle Cell Lymphoma. This cancer is very rare and it usually attacks men in their early sixties. By the time the docs find it, it is too late! The reason why the oncologists were shocked was because I have been battling Multiple Myeloma and we were told that that this cancer was not hereditary and it is really rare that members get two kinds of blood cancers that were in the same family! I am really praying and donating for a cure for all cancers! My head spins that there are so many different cancers! That these cancers attack who they want – when they want, and don’t care if they are in the same family or not!! Men, women, children! I am really glad that you would like to see a cure too! What’s really sad is people usually don’t want to tackle this subject until they are affected by it emotionally or physically 😢 Plus knowledge is power! Doctors don’t know everything! LISTEN to your body’s signals! Stay safe 🙏

  2. This is an amazing cause and I’m so glad people are made aware of it. My Aunt sadly passed away from breast cancer Christmas Eve 2017, after already battling and serving once. It is such a terrible thing and I really hope there is a cure someday.

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