Everyone who donates means well that the money that they are donating is going to go to a great cause. The first thing that you think is that by donating, that the cause it is donated in the name of is going to benefit by the donation. The fact is, though, that not every “good” cause gets the same amount! It is all construed upon the responsibility equation that the not-for-profit charity uses to get the money to the cause in the cost of the overhead section of the charity. The higher the handling, staff size, amount that they are paying the key officials, and all other types of overhead involved–has a lot to do with how many dollars the cause will see. If you are like me, the closer to one-hundred percent we can get going to cause the better. Worse yet, is the charity even a charity? There are a lot of people out there scamming–looking like a real charity, but not even close! I always check in with the meter to see the responsibility on this website: CharityNavigator.org.

The Benefits
The benefits involved with this great tool to make sure that you hard earned dollars make it through go to the cause that you are supporting are the following:

The Logistics
The critical trust I have behind this great tool are:

  • 19 years of organization
  • 160,000 are rated on the website
  • The website has 11M+ visits annually
  • There are 912,000 registered users (including myself)
  • $120M+ have been donated through their Giving Basket

As stated by the CharityNavigator.org, this tool will improve your experience in donating by:

More people donate in the months from October through the end of the year than in all of the other months due to the gift giving season of the Christmas holiday season and also that there are a lot of drives going on in this last quarter of the year. If you are like me, you want the cause you are donating to to get as much of every dollar that you are donating as is humanly possible. Also, if the organization is not even listed, you are able to catch the charity scammer! A real charity will always be listed on the CharityNavigator.org website. Steer clear of the lofty perch. Use the CharityNavigator.org tool to make sure that the cause does not suffer from grossly high overheads of improperly ran not-for-profit organizations. Make your donation count to its maximum. Your cause will be assisted in the end with the maximum amount going to proper spending assistance to it’s cause!

The Charity Donation…Make It Count!!

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  1. It’s a shame that there are not more rules for charities. I also never donate from a phone call. Always better to contact them directly!

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