Here is to celebration of very important personnel. . .Those who hold the profession of putting the uniform on and protecting the public at large to safety and peace! They give their all and livelihood for those in need and make America a free and safe place to live. Thank you for your service abroad, the front-line workers, and for all the years of dedication and professionalism. Here is to celebrating National Police Week for this whole week here in the United States and honoring the for their dedication and honor to the Memorial and Fallen Heroes, Facts & Figures, the Museum, the honoring of Police Week & Other Programs, and especially for Officer Safety! is accepting donations. . .


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Happy Police Week

2 thoughts on “Happy National National Police Week 2021

  1. Thank you to all that protect and serve! I know that I could not do that job. Thanks for sharing these facts!

  2. I didn’t realize there was a Happy National Police week! I believe this should be shared to make Americans aware of the hard protective job these people have! I have respected them ever since I was a child. They are out there everyday putting their lives on the line! I’m not saying that they are all good. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples in every bunch! Lately they are getting a bad rap! I wouldn’t want to be a cop now. It’s such a shame! Thank you for sharing!!

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