National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

Here is to celebration of very important personnel. . .Those who hold the profession of putting the uniform on and protecting the public at large to safety and peace. . .

Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day !

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A Brief History:
Origination: In 2015, several organizations came together to honor those who keep our communities safe, every day. Let’s face it, without law enforcement, we would not be able to exist in this unified and civil world we live in. Barbaric activities are at least curtailed in that circumstance of the consequences of getting caught. And it would be a dangerous world if everyone had to take law enforcement in their own hands. So therefore I am extending my thanks to the heroes of law enforcement and honor them with dignity.

What is National Police Week? It may not seem like a lot, but extending the appreciation that these professionals deserve is the least every citizen can do. It may not seem hard, but going from nothing going on to an extremely dangerous situation in a flash makes the whole profession a not so easy to do job. And all this to keep us all safe. Thanks go to every law enforcement individual!

Celebrated: January 9th every year!

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

Organizations That Recognize the Special Day:
We owe our gratitude to the local, county, state and federal police. Here is to celebrating National Law Enforcement Day for their dedication and honor to:

  • Concerns of Police Survivors
  • FBI National Academy Associates
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • International Association of Chief of Police
  • Officer Down Memorial Page
  • Law Enforcement United
  • National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
  • International Conference of Police Chaplains
  • National Troopers Coalition

Donations to for all our fallen heroes are greatly appreciated. Hats off for their service and honor. . .

The Present:
In order to retain peace and freedom, we need to have our law enforcement available on call. They give their all and livelihood for those in need and make America a free and safe place to live. Thank you and appreciation goes to those who serve, the front-line workers, and for all the years of dedication and professionalism, doing a job that many could not do!

The Future:
Let’s give our hope and thanks to all law enforcement officers this great year and in all the years to come. . .

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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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