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What Difficulties Does a Poor Family Face?
by Aqeel Hussain

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Introduction related the topic:

A poor family faces many different problems. But the first thing is that if you have opened your eyes in a poor family, you should break the chain of poverty. Make yourself rich out of poverty. However, life in a poor family is restless. Every man suffers from tension. Even some people are tired of this humiliating life and commit suicide. Many other difficulties are encountered which are detailed below.


A Poor Family Faces Many Problems:

  • Lack of Medical Facilities: Of course, illness can also break a person at some point. But for a poor family, this little disease is like a storm. For proper treatment, a poor family does not have enough money to pay the fees of good doctors. This is the reason why often elderly people in poor families die due to improper treatment.
  • Lack of Education: A poor family misses the shadow of good education. Children cannot get adequate and suitable education. Because of which their future is not bright. Even though they are intelligent, they cannot interpret their dreams.
  • Lack of Habitat: An organism’s life depends on its habitat. And if there is no habitat, it is impossible for the living being to survive. A poor family has no housing. A family spends their whole lives in a small hut. Of course, lack of housing is also one of the problems of poor families. Usually, poor families cannot get good housing due to limited economic conditions, which leads to housing problems.
  • Unemployment: The root cause of all the problems that a poor family faces is unemployment. Unemployment is the problem for a family due to which it is called poor. A poor person can hide his poverty if he gets good earning opportunities. But the fact is that the members of a poor family do not get employment due to various reasons. Due to which many other big problems arise.
  • Mischief and Dharmic Matters: A poor family always lives in mischief, misery, hardship and unhappiness. There are always waves of sadness running through their lives. When the children of poor families demand new shoes and clothes on the occasion of festivals, in this case, quarrels and riots start. On the other hand, rich children are busy in the joys of festivals.
  • Violation of Rights: A poor family is not given their full rights. They are also proven guilty during the proceedings in the judiciary. Even they are innocent and cannot prove their innocence due to poverty. Even in the society they are not seen well. This makes the members of a poor family feel as if their self-esteem is being trampled underfoot.

Poor family members should be given their full rights. Want to secure their livelihood. They should provide full health facilities. And for this, the government should also give the same rights to the poor family members under a comprehensive plan. In this way, an atmosphere of equality and prosperity will be created.

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Tiana at Pexels

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What Difficulties Does a Poor Family Face?

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