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We are ready for the Star of David Event happening tomorrow during our daytime period, so we actually won’t see the epicenter of pair being only 0.1 degrees apart here in the U.S. Peaking at 9:54 a.m. CST tomorrow, this will be a pair not to be missed! I am displaying a photo that I took today, and it is very brilliant! This will be closest to the twilight period that starts right after tomorrow’s sunset. This is so extremely rare that although Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions happen approximately every 20 years, last being 2000, that the 2020 great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest since 1623, and the closest observable one since 1226. The next future Jupiter-Saturn conjunction I really don’t plan on being around for as it won’t be until March 15, 2080.

May 28, 2000
December 21, 2020
October 31, 2040
April 7, 2060
March 15, 2080
September 18, 2100

This is so rare, The next won’t happen to this degree until the year 2239! YouTube is exploding with live events, so I feature the “official” NASA endorsed #LIVE great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn!

This is the is the closest these planets will appear in the sky since they were first telescoped by Galileo in the year 1623, not quite as visible due to the sun’s glare. The last time it was this intense was the year 1226, almost 800 years ago. I am re-running the tables from my 12/16 post: The 2020 Star of David – The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Planetary conjunction 6 arc minutes 1975 to 2065
Date Planets Separation Time of day
June 05, 1978 ♂ Mars, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Evening
September 10, 1991 ☿ Mercury, ♃ Jupiter 5 arc min Morning
December 21, 2020 ♃ Jupiter, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Evening
January 30, 2048 ♀ Venus, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Morning
September 27, 2049
☿ Mercury, ♂ Mars 2 arc min Morning
June 07, 2057 ♀ Venus, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Morning

And more information on Planetary conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn, please visit NASA at:Information on HTC Sense 7nasa-header-logo.gif




Information on How to Photograph the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, please visit NASA at:


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🪐 ♃ #LIVE Conjunction Of Jupiter & Saturn! ♃ 🪐

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  1. I didn’t know that this happened!! I have to start being more nosey! With four kiddos..its hard to have time to be informed lol. My boys would really enjoy seeing things like this! Maybe I’ll catch it on your blog next time!

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