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Get ready for the Star of David for the year 2020: the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn! Peaking at December 21, this will be a pair not to be missed! I am displaying a photo that I took early here, and it is already very brilliant. . .I can barely wait to see it when it is at its brightest on this coming Monday. This is the is the closest these planets will appear in the sky since they were first telescoped by Galileo in the year 1623, but it was not visible due to the sun’s glare, making the last time it was this intense being the year 1226, almost 800 years ago. Also the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will happen on this scale once again in the year of 2080.

Planetary conjunction 6 arc minutes 1975 to 2065
Date Planets Separation Time of day
June 05, 1978 ♂ Mars, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Evening
September 10, 1991 ☿ Mercury, ♃ Jupiter 5 arc min Morning
December 21, 2020 ♃ Jupiter, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Evening
January 30, 2048 ♀ Venus, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Morning
September 27, 2049
☿ Mercury, ♂ Mars 2 arc min Morning
June 07, 2057 ♀ Venus, 🪐 Saturn 6 arc min Morning

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