Happy Ice Cream Sunday! (or Sundae)

Today. Sunday, July 16th! National Ice Cream (Sundae) Day. . .

Happy Ice Cream Sunday ! !


A Brief History on Ice Cream:
Founded By: Roman emperor Nero to Alexander the Great, King Solomon, the ancient Chinese, European aristocrats and/or a few Founding Fathers including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington!

Why: Cold and sweet equals a very quenching and delicious combo on a hot day.

Where: All around the world.

When: Thousands of years ago.

First Official Ice Cream Day: Thanking President Ronald Reagan for making the PROCLAMATION 5218 on July 9, 1984 making National Ice Cream Day a formality, declaring not only July to be National Ice Cream Month, but also the third Sunday of that month and thereafter National Ice Cream Day.

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

More Ice Cream Facts and Yummy Tales:
Other  Variations of Ice Cream:

  • Sherbet
  • Popsicles
  • Dreamsicles
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Snow Cones
  • Milkshakes, Malts, Smoothies and…
  • Shaved Ice
  • Gelato
  • Ice Milk

Rank of Consumption of Ice Cream Throughout the World: 

The Top Ice Cream Consuming Countries Of The World
Rank Country Consumption per Capita
1 New Zealand 28.4 Liters per Year
2 United States 20.8 Liters per Year
3 Australia 18.0 Liters per Year
4 Finland 14.2 Liters per Year
5 Sweden 12.0 Liters per Year
6 Canada 10.6 Liters per Year
7 Denmark   9.8 Liters per Year
8 Ireland   8.4 Liters per Year
9 Italy   8.0 Liters per Year
10 United Kingdom   7.0 Liters per Year

How Many? The average American consumes approximately 20.8 liters of ice cream and related frozen desserts per year.
Flavors: In the U.S.:

The Top Ice Cream Flavors: In the U.S.
Rank Flavor % Consumption
1 Chocolate 17%
2 Vanilla 15%
3 Strawberry 8%
3 Mint Chocolate Chip 8%
3 Butter Pecan 8%
6 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 6%
6 Cookies n Crème 6%
8 Coffee 4%
8 Rocky Road 4%
10 Chocolate Chip 3%
10 Pistachio 3%
12 Birthday Cake/Cake Batter 2%
12 Neapolitan 2%
ALL other flavors combined 14%


The Future:
U.S.: I am truly confident that in the U.S., the ice cream trend will continue everywhere! We like the days celebrating ice cream, anyway on Sunday or a sundae. Today and every 3rd Sunday of July, is National Ice Cream Day.
Worldwide: The world loves ICE CREAM! How yummy. . .

FREEBIES & DEALS For National Ice Cream Day:
DEAL  AT Baskin Robbins: $5 off orders of $20 or more – Ends 7/22
DEAL  AT Dairy Queen TODAY: $1 off any Dipped Cone (excluding kid cones)*
        * Must download the DQ App

Coldstone Creamery TODAY: Delicious Ice Cream This Weekend *
DEAL  AT Whole Foods: 35% Off Ice Cream with Prime – Ends 7/18
FREE National Ice Cream Day: Fonts

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National Ice Cream Sunday

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