This is an extra special remembrance to all Americans on that day of 9/11.

This year is extra special because in 2001 it was on a Tuesday, and this year it is only the third time that it fell on a Tuesday as well.

Everything changed dramatically that day, a lot of people lost their lives, a lot of injuries and damages beyond explanation. To mark a haven, I offer this node of silence, in order to remember a nation preparing for a day of solemn reflection and remembrance, and paying tribute…..


ᅠ­­­ᅠ…..I pray for everyone touched by the disaster, and ask everyone to remember where they were that day. I pray to God to bless the whole world, this country, the sites of disaster including New York City, the people, the families–for even though things changed, we must remember them; and live knowing that we are still blessed to be living in such a free country as we are living right now.

God Bless America, land of the free, home of the brave!

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