Today’s #SwitchOnSummer Celebration of the Buckingham Fountain!

I have celebrated with an ensemble of photos in my post: Featured Photo: Architecture, Part 2 – Vintage Architecture – The Buckingham Fountain – Chicago, IL. Join in on the fun!

Today’s #SwitchOnSummer Celebration, sponsored by Com-Ed–the largest provider of power in Illinois. The whole event will happen #LIVE today, on Saturday, May 14th between 12 noon and 3 pm.

A Little History:
The Buckingham Fountain is paid for–but not by the city, but through the Buckingham Fountain Endowment Fund, in which Kate Buckingham originally established, so that the Chicago taxpayers would never have to foot the bill of fountain costs. The fountain had received a $2.8 million restoration in the year 1994.

Buckingham Fountain_Lunapic Stockphoto.jpg

Stock photo courtesy of LunaPic

#SwitchOnSummer Buckingham Fountain!

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  1. Oh, this picture! The Buckingham Fountain!! Is the same fountain shown during the opening credits of “Married With Children”???

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