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My review of The Olmlmo Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector

The Olmlmo Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector comes as shown. The unit provides three power bricks with 10 foot long cords, that work really long for a great full charge well overnight to get to a full charge. The unit is covered by a 5-year worry-free worry-free warranty and 24/7 friendly after-sale service, which is a great bonus!

The Review:

I was greatly impressed with the Olmlmo Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector upon opening this up. I offers easy set up and quickly you are on your way to measuring for the least in any radiant activity in the local area. The display is easy to read and understand to make your ghost hunting experience a great one. Amazon delivered mine with a 9-Volt battery included, and the order was delivered next dat at no extra charge with my Amazon Prime.

The Olmlmo Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector accurately takes measurement of paranormal radiation in that the emf meter is equipped with 3 built-in electromagnetic radiation sensors, displaying the radiation value on the ghost hunting equipment’s clear LCD digital display. The radiation detector can detect 360 degrees EMF meter tests magnetic field, instead of just one sensor compared with others emf meters. The ghost detector’s testing magnetic field radiation with optional units mG/µT, the electric field with unit V/m.EMF meters couldn’t test the RF value and temperature.

Sound &Light Alarm: When you use the emf meter ,the emf testing result exceeds the value less than (0.4µT (4mG) or 40V/m), the emf reader top light color is green; the emf meter’s screen will turn yellow and the indicator will be flashing when it’s detecting between 4-40 mG, red if it’s reading more then 40 mG.A sound alarm will give you the same data in higher sound frequencies, which you can also disable.
Multi-function & Power Saving: Our emf detector ghost hunting testing average or peak value(Maximum) reading, and one bottom hold the data for a view. This ghost hunting equipment has large -light LCD is clear for viewing. Olmlmo EMF meter will power off after 15 minutes without operation.
Widely Applications: The EMF meter is suitable for testing TV, computer, printer, microwave oven, refrigerators, cell towers, wire towers, low-frequency home appliances, ghost hunting, etc; This EMF Detector can help eliminate radiation risks that potentially harm your family’s health
Service: 1 * EMF Meter, 1 * Battery, and 1 * User manual, warranty.

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Olmlmo Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector Digital Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector Digital LCD Emf Detector Tester for Home Emf Inspections Office Outdoor Ghost Hunting

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3 thoughts on “Olmlmo Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector – Review

  1. This sounds like a really great product. I am definitely interested in eliminating radiation risks around my home, especially now that I have a child. Thanks for the review.

  2. The Emf Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment Radiation Detector offers reliable and accurate detection of electromagnetic fields, making it a valuable tool for paranormal investigations and monitoring radiation levels.

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