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Summer Veil by Olena Nikitin

Book & Author Details:
Summer Veil by Olena Nikitin
(Season’s War, #4)
Publication date: July 28th 2023
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance
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Behold the monster that will shatter the world. Bear witness to her power in awe and despair.
Saga of the Last Empress

With their bond gone, Mar is determined to find Ina, even if he has to challenge the Gods to steal her back.
With an unparalleled enemy threatening Cornovii, Ina must restore her ability to use magic, or the country she fought so hard to save will fall under the axes of a merciless foe.

He would destroy the world for her. She would sacrifice her life to save it. Can the realm survive their love?


Immerse yourself in the final instalment of Season’s War series and learn about the kingdom of Cornovii, where passion is mixed with cruelty, and the unwilling hero with world-shattering power has to make impossible choices. Dark Fantasy with mature themes – reader caution advised.

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Excerpt #1:
She let him live. No one was more surprised than Ina, and the beautiful blue sky seemed to mock the foul mood her choice had created. Yesterday, she’d almost killed the necromancer, but even though he deserved to die for the suffering he’d caused, the witch wasn’t sure she could make a rational decision when it came to Rurik. 

Her night terrors were back, and the visions of a desolate desert with bleached bones lying under a crimson sun robbed her of sleep. Add to that her guilt at not dragging Rurik to Osterad and the even more disturbing desire to tear the magic from his soul meant Ina was closer to breaking than she’d ever felt before. 

The possibility of becoming a world breaker worried her the most. Without Mar and Ren to help, something inside her soul was eroding, and she lost her temper more and more. First, she’d caused the storm, and then her hold on chaos had slipped in the alchemy workshop. If not for Velka’s intervention, Rurik would be a sad, wet mess splattered across the room.

The quest to restore her bond was no longer about the ability to control her magic, but about survival itself. You never know how much you rely on something until it’s gone, she thought, rubbing her chest. The safety of the bond and the power of two stones made her reckless—arrogant, even. Now, she was worse off than before that hairy oaf was dumped on her doorstep. At least then, she’d had a modicum of control over her emotions.

Thankfully, the situation wasn’t a complete loss. With Rurik’s confession, his plotting, at least its core, was laid bare, and without his interference, Liath and the South were as safe as they could be. The threat of invasion by the Iron Empire had terrified the necromancer enough to lock himself away and seek the oblivion of intoxication. That left Ina with a dilemma: did she travel to Osterad and warn the king of this latest threat, or try to repair her bonds so she could help defend the country from invasion? 

‘Right, let’s try to fix my magic first. There’s no point in warning Rewan of an invasion if I lose my mind and kill everyone,’ she said, before turning from her inspection of the ceiling and sitting up. Ina looked at her clothes. Ayni’s armour and the simple dress she used to cover it were all she had, but for the alchemy workshop, she needed clothes that were easily replaced after any of her usual accidents. Her gaze fell on the storage chest next to the bed, and determined to find some work clothes, Ina opened the trunk to find a violet dress with lots of frills and puffy sleeves, which had been fashionable before she was born. The witch looked at the monstrosity, grinning at finding perfection for her messy experiments. 

It took her a moment to push her bosom into the dress, but Velka’s horrified gasp was well worth it when she saw her at the top of the stairs.  

‘Do you like it?’ Ina asked, twirling extravagantly before Velka grasped her shoulders.

‘So it finally happened. The last thread of sanity abandoned your wretched soul, and now you think you’re the Empress Sowenna. Ina, what happened yesterday? Could I have saved you from this if I’d stayed?’ she asked, shaking her friend frantically.

‘Don’t be silly, Velka. I just found some old clothes I can ruin without worrying. I’m sorry for scaring you last night, but I promise I’m calm enough to focus on repairing my bonds now.’

Understanding brightened Velka’s eyes. During their university days, Ina had always returned from alchemy class with stained, ripped, or burnt clothes; sometimes all three. ‘Damm it, Striga, you should have told me. I thought you’d lost your marbles after yesterday’s discussion with Rurik.’ Velka relaxed her grip, laughing with relief.

‘So you can face me down when I’m about to destroy the world, but one look at me in a dress, and you’re terrified?’ Ina enjoyed the absurdity of the moment before sobering. ‘I will be in the workshop. If you see Rurik, send him up. I’ll need his help to find out what poison Mirena poured into me.’


Excerpt #2:
‘Just let me help you, woman!’ Janik’s voice and the loud bang that followed proved the Norse mercenary had met his match. Much to her displeasure, they also woke up Mar, who instinctively flipped her onto her back, covering her with his massive body while his hand sprouted a full set of vicious talons.

He was barely awake, looking around for the enemy, and she couldn’t resist pulling his beard to steal a kiss.

‘It’s all right. I think Janik tried to impress Marika, and she handed him his bollocks on a silver platter. Do we even have a silver platter? ’

Mar’s lips spread in a big smile, and his low chuckle shook her body. ‘Impress Marika? Poor bastard, even I can’t stand my ground against that woman.’

Her housekeeper was indeed a force to be reckoned with. After Ina saved the feline shifter from slavery, Marika had become her servant. Initially, Ina objected, but the girl had made up her mind and refused to leave. Since the woman lost her arm in the palace battle, saving several scullery maids in the process, the witch felt it was only fair to let her stay for as long as the stubborn shifter wanted, especially since she kept the house clean, looked after her cat, and made this house a home. Losing her arm hadn’t slowed Marika down, but gave her an impressive determination. The house had to be pristine, and to achieve it, men—resident or visiting—were ordered about with efficiency and violence, and no one dared to enter before leaving their dirty weapons in the shed.

‘I think we should go down and rescue Janik before Rurik has to reanimate his corpse,’ she said, looking with disbelief at her tangled hair in the mirror. ‘Where is Ren when you need him?’ she moaned, causing Mar to give her his full attention instantly.

‘Why Ren? What is wrong?’ he asked sharply, hands trailing over her body, worry etched on his features.

‘Because, my love, while you are superior in many things, the way he brushes and braids my hair makes me look like a respectable woman, and I need to look like one today. Do you think we should ask him to train you? Just imagine being the man who can fulfil my every need,’ she teased, reaching for the brush. Her attempt to dispel the tension was in vain as something in his eyes darkened, and Mar reached for his clothes without further comment. When she finished, her hair vaguely resembled the crown braid, and she pushed herself into a court dress with a little effort. Grey and elegant, with a few golden ornaments, it fit the occasion. Still, she had to ask Mar to lace her corset, and her dragon didn’t stay silent for long.

‘You’re still determined to get involved in this latest threat, then? I thought so, but before committing to something reckless, I’d like you to visit the barracks with me. I wasn’t the only one worried when you disappeared last spring. Ren informed me the men you kept safe in the battle wanted to join the search for you. It seems they believe the gods sent you to defend Cornovii and are very protective of their Lady of the Crimson Veil. It would do wonders for morale if they saw you safe and in control of your powers.’ 

Ina turned to Mar when he finished. ‘I would be honoured to visit the army, my lord.’

‘That’s what I’m worried about, so no kisses for impudent young soldiers. I mean it, Spitfire, do not repeat your antics from last time.’

Ina laughed and pulled Mar down the stairs, pausing at the sight of Janik’s rapidly blackening eye and Marika holding a sturdy stick. A handful of logs were scattered on the floor while her housekeeper eyed the red-haired giant with distrust. Janik was the first to notice the witch and raised his hands defensively.

‘I was only trying to help her. It was too much to carry, especially with one hand, but she hit me with a tree. I did nothing wrong, I swear. Freya’s tits, Ina, did you hire a hellion?’

Her has a name, and you’re the prick who ripped the logs out of my grip. Now I have wood all over my floor on top of the mess from your pillow fort in the dayroom. Get your massive arse out of my kitchen and let me work, or I’ll colour your other eye.’

Janik withdrew to the couch, mumbling something in his native language, but Ina noticed he couldn’t keep his eyes off Marika’s back, and something akin to a tender smile appeared on his face. Trust the Norseman to find a log to the face romantic, she thought before turning away.
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Author Bio:

Olena Nikitin is our pen name. We are an enthusiastic couple of writers who are fascinated by the fantasy/paranormal romance genre and decided to write a book we would love to read

Behind the Pen name:

Olga – is Polish, armed with a wicked sense of humour and typical Slavic pessimism she is the wicked witch from the East. She has written stories since childhood, initially mostly about her work. As an emergency physician, she always has a story to tell and often not much time to write.

Mark is a typical English gentleman whose charm, refined taste and an impressive collection of books were tempting enough to make Olga leave her homeland. Don’t tease him too much; this man has an impressive sword collection and he knows how to use it. He also can fix everything, including Polish syntax in English writing.

See more on our website: www.olenanikitin.uk

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