I thought this was very cool. . . the launch Rise of Mannequin Skywalker: New Shepard NS-14 as part of a big test for Blue Origin‘s budding human spaceflight program from the the company’s West Texas facility to evaluate upgrades to the crew capsule’s performance. This is giving both NASA and SpaceX a run for the money! Enjoy!


Photo Courtesy of nasaspaceflight.com – All rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “Rise of Mannequin Skywalker: New Shepard NS-14 Launch by Blue Origin

  1. I have always loved Sci – Fi since I was a kid. Watching the Star Trek TV series with Leonard Nemoy as Spock, and William Shatner as Captain Kirk. We were all Trek Heads! I am constantly shocked at what technology can do nowadays!! Scientists send people to space. They can see more of the universe and it’s planets 🪐 I saw part of the video. I also checked out some other YouTube videos. So Kurt Russell and Chris Pratt don’t like each other too much.
    Pinned. Thank you for sharing!

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