Today’s Featured Flower Photo of the Day:
The Supra Purple Dianthus

Here is today’s featured photo flower presentation. To let the is year shine bright, I am featuring fine photos of flowers, continuing to honor the brighter side of life again this year. Today’s Flower of the day is the Supra Purple Dianthus.

The Supra Purple Dianthus (Double-Flowered Dianthus), or the Dianthus barbatus interspecific in the Caryophyllaceae family, is an annual that fills garden space with color. This dianthus is a cross between various species and the result is a strong plant that will flower under a lot of weather scenarios, even hot summer growing conditions. Supra Purple Dianthus plants remain under 1 foot in height, but they are vigorous and continue flowering through the growing season, especially spring and fall. The growing season in the South could be fall and early winter, with a long flowering period being just one of the superior traits observed according to some experts. Supra Purple Dianthus plants adapt to different growing conditions, and are recommended for containers and rock gardens. They will add continuous bloom to a perennial border, which may need more color. Supra Purple Dianthus tested as an annual and won the award based on the first year performance, but similar to other dianthus, it may over winter and flower next spring. The Supra Purple Dianthus single flowers have highly fringed petal edges which are perfect for making decorations. Add them to salads, bouquets, or float some on water for an eye-catching centerpiece. The color is closer to a rosy-purple than the dark, almost black-purple, seen on some plants. Supra Purple Dianthus grows best in rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade


Photo #1


Photo #2

Photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy A71 with the factory Quad camera Standard-wide: 64 MP 1/1.72-inch sensor with 0.8µm pixels and 26 mm-equivalent f/1.8 PDAF lens Ultra-wide: 12 MP sensor with f/2.2 aperture lens.

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