🎅 Holiday Toy Drive

Versatileer is proud to have participated in the yearly Tuesday, November 15, 2022: Holiday Toy Drive – Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning/Advocate Children’s Hospital 11/15/22 to 12/19/22 with Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning LLC. The final total of donations this year was as follows:

  • Donations: $1,165 Goal: $500
  • Total Gifts: 132

The kids will be having a Christmas to remember! Versatileer was honored to donate $100 to the children. Matt M. of Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning and I brought the gifts down personally to Advocate Children’s Hospital (on the campus at Advocate Christ Hospital) in Oak Lawn, Illinois on Wednesday, December 21st. I have never seen adults eyes light up so bright as when we dropped these gifts off! I only wish I could see the eyes of the children, but I feel it!


FINAL TOTAL: Donations: [See FB Post] Donations: $1,165 Goal: $500
Total Gifts: 132
Donations: $1,165 Goal: $500
Total Gifts: 132
Thank you for being so amazing! #payitforward #seasonofgiving
Donations from:
Lynn M.
Tonya B.
Jody S.
Joan J.
Karen & Leo S.
Diana B.
Gwen & Ray J.
Mary P.
Laura & David A.
Phyllis L.
Susan F.
Cheryl & Mark M.
Sofie & Scott S.
Gale R.
Linda & Keith G.
Kim R.
Laura & Bryan J.
Katie & Jim J.
Maureen M.
Cindy & Steve K.
Liz & Dan Q.
Bev K. & David L.
Patricia P.
Robin & Janet M.
Adam & Kelly L.
Alice S.
John, Lynn, & Jeanine Sinal
Cheri & Brett J.
Lidija & Ray J.
Andy & Tori I.
Peggy H. & Mike J.
Amy P.
Kim & Ron L.

Posted by Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning LLC on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Holiday Toy Drive

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  1. I used to donate to the kids at Christmas…now I donate to a largely forgotten group, the elderly and infirm in nursing homes. No matter who you give to…it’s all for a good cause.

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