🎅 Holiday Toy Drive

Versatileer is proud to have participated in the yearly Tuesday, November 15, 2022: Holiday Toy Drive – Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning/Advocate Children’s Hospital 11/15/22 to 12/19/22 with Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning LLC. The final total of donations this year was as follows:

  • Donations: $1,165 Goal: $500
  • Total Gifts: 132

The kids will be having a Christmas to remember! Versatileer was honored to donate $100 to the children. Matt M. of Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning and I brought the gifts down personally to Advocate Children’s Hospital (on the campus at Advocate Christ Hospital) in Oak Lawn, Illinois on Wednesday, December 21st. I have never seen adults eyes light up so bright as when we dropped these gifts off! I only wish I could see the eyes of the children, but I feel it!


FINAL TOTAL: Donations: [See FB Post] Donations: $1,165 Goal: $500
Total Gifts: 132
Donations: $1,165 Goal: $500
Total Gifts: 132
Thank you for being so amazing! #payitforward #seasonofgiving
Donations from:
Lynn M.
Tonya B.
Jody S.
Joan J.
Karen & Leo S.
Diana B.
Gwen & Ray J.
Mary P.
Laura & David A.
Phyllis L.
Susan F.
Cheryl & Mark M.
Sofie & Scott S.
Gale R.
Linda & Keith G.
Kim R.
Laura & Bryan J.
Katie & Jim J.
Maureen M.
Cindy & Steve K.
Liz & Dan Q.
Bev K. & David L.
Patricia P.
Robin & Janet M.
Adam & Kelly L.
Alice S.
John, Lynn, & Jeanine Sinal
Cheri & Brett J.
Lidija & Ray J.
Andy & Tori I.
Peggy H. & Mike J.
Amy P.
Kim & Ron L.

Posted by Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning LLC on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Holiday Toy Drive

4 thoughts on “The Final Donations of Holiday Toy Drive – Sinal’s Carpet Cleaning at Advocate Children’s Hospital

  1. KUDOS to you!! We always give toys to our neighborhood drives. My husband rode with his buddy on his buddy’s motorcycle for the Toys for Tots Drive! I have given hospital’s’ pediatric units what was on their wish lists! God blesses those who gives to those less fortunate 🩵💙❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. I used to donate to the kids at Christmas…now I donate to a largely forgotten group, the elderly and infirm in nursing homes. No matter who you give to…it’s all for a good cause.

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