Today’s featured photo of the day! September’s feature is: Infrared Photography

Here is today’s featured photo. For the month of September I am featuring Infrared photography as the style. For today, I am posting another fine fall photograph on posting a great overcast day photo of a calm lake and fall color on a cloudy day with stratus clouds at Hambone Lake in the Cook County forest preserves near Palos Heights in Illinois. A vivid reflection on that lake! Date – October 1982.

Cloudy__Hambone Lake__Kodak Ektacolor IE-135-20.jpg

Photo taken with a Nikon FE camera through a Nikon 26 mm lens, filter=polarizer and yellow filter, Aperture=8 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/60th second (only a drop of 1 step of light from a sunny day!), loaded with Kodak Ektachrome Infrared Color  IE 135-20 Infrared Slide Film processed E-6 using Kodak Ektachrome Chemicals. Enlargement processed Type R color positive paper and R-3000 chemistry onto 3½x5″ glossy negative color image enlargement paper.

TIP:  When it is overcast, more solar radiation makes it through the clouds naturally, hence the reason we get a sunburn on cloudy days. You need to make sure that you do not drop the exposure level as much as you would for visible light photography, or you will risk overexposure in your photo shoot, and it may go unnoticed until you upload the photos. Overexposure affects digital photography as well as film, because the details are hidden by too much saturation.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow with another fine Infrared photograph!!
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