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Undertaking Love by Megan Montgomery

Book details:
Undertaking Love by Megan Montgomery
Publication date: April 1st 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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Guest Post:
Could you give further elaboration on the progression from living the lucrative lifestyle of being a model, moving over to the sympathetic disposition of being a funeral director?

By Megan Montgomery

When I was developing the Last Responders series, I knew I wanted to write a trio of books featuring a forensic pathologist, a funeral director, and a forensic anthropologist; a ghoul gang of women who’d formed their own unique “found family,” united by their careers in deathcare. But the mortician would be the heart of the series, even if her book didn’t come first.

When I was developing the Last Responders series, I knew I wanted to write a trio of books featuring a forensic pathologist, a funeral director, and a forensic anthropologist; a ghoul gang of women who’d formed their own unique “found family,” united by their careers in deathcare. But the mortician would be the heart of the series, even if her book didn’t come first.

Each character has her own style and oddball personality, (all my books are character-driven and all my heroines are EXTRA!) but Bethany, the main character of Undertaking Love pulls them all together and keeps them bonded.

Physically, she was inspired by Playboy centerfold Gia Genevieve. I stumbled across Gia’s Instagram page and it felt like I was seeing Bethany. Suddenly, her whole character locked into place and I had a write backstory in my head.

Bethany’s a single mom who got pregnant young and was able to raise her daughter (and put herself through college) by performing burlesque, and after being scouted by the big, glossy, men’s magazines, becoming semi-famous as an annual centerfold.

In my world, she made enough money through smart investments to eventually buy out the magazine and turn it into a campy, vintage, female-gaze nudie mag—which might seem ludicrous and unrealistic, but it’s actually based on the real-life, female-owned Campout magazine.

Her business acumen also enabled her to purchase a 51% share of Smythe Mortuary. Bethany’s always had a deeply rooted sense of compassion, and a love of anything morbid. Becoming a funeral director was Bethany’s way to establish a career she could continue long past the time when her body wasn’t so lush and curvy. Buying into Smythe, specifically, would provide a stable home for her daughter as well as move them back to Franklin, TN where her two besties live.

Originally, I tried to keep the nude modeling aspect out of my books because I didn’t want to add too much quirkiness to one character, but ultimately, it made so much sense with her backstory, I could no longer divorce the modeling from the mortician.

Plus, I love subverting stereotypes. There’s been this trend of average-looking heroines, which is great! Romance is for everyone and all us average-looking people deserve to see ourselves in the characters we read. But in this book, I wanted to explore the opposite. What is it like to walk through life with everyone staring at you because they’d never seen anyone as beautiful in person? How would she have to dull herself down to perform her work as a funeral director so her beauty (not to mention her love and tenderness and compassion) wouldn’t overshadow the grief. What would it be like for George, her business partner to have to work with a Marilyn Monroe-on-steroids sex symbol everyday? Well, he’d have to convince himself from the start that he’d turned off the tap for feelings off long ago.

It also allowed me to highlight a sex worker who took a male-dominated career and owned it, was smart enough to invest early on (in order to protect her daughter) and made a killing on the market, and someone deeply sexy and confident, but also humble enough to know it won’t last forever and this was her way to give back to the world.


Bethany West upgraded her lucrative career as a sex worker for
her dream job as a death worker when she partnered at Smythe & Co. Mortuary. She expected
her eco-friendly innovations and death positive attitude to blow the roof off the Victorian-era
relic. But that was seven months ago, and during that time, she’s only managed to piss off her
embittered business partner, George Smythe, a man dead set on maintaining the status quo
and driving Bethany out of his namesake business.

When the pair reluctantly travel together to a mortuary conference in New Orleans—and
compete in dueling embalming demonstrations—George finally recognizes the value of
Bethany’s business model for the first time. He’s also starting to recognize a growing attraction
to his blonde bombshell business partner. Meanwhile, Bethany learns the truth behind George’s
cold contempt, and it’s much worse than she thought, stemming not from a single incident, but
from the constant on-call status, the compassion fatigue, and the overwhelming stress of the

Bethany has 4 days to crack open his tough outer shell to reveal the compassionate man
she knows is inside, and she has a plan, but unless George learns to open his heart and lean
on her, at the risk of succumbing to their cremation-level attraction in a dangerous way, he’ll
jeopardize both the business and their hearts by refusing the true partnership they both

Content Warning: This book contains graphic depictions of the dead and deathcare procedures, kink, and career burnout.

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Author Bio:

Megan Montgomery writes romance. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re morbid,
but all her characters have cool jobs. She and her husband, Johnathon Olavarria co-host
Forced Proximity podcast, a weekly romance book and movie club.

Her debut novel, Well . . . THAT Was Awkward was inspired by her homesickness for
southern Maryland. She now lives halfway across the US on the prairie with her husband, son,
and mom.

When she’s not writing, reading, lifting weights, or cooking dinners her son won’t eat, you’ll
find her toiling in the garden or brewing potions from her medicinal herbs.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub



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