The U.S. was spared the worst and strongest storm of an already record breaking year of tropical activity in general, named storms and total amount of hurricane energy generated in a whole year. Hurricane Iota is the only category 5 storm of 2020 as measured by the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Because of the beauty from the eye in the sky. . .I am featuring a .GIF of the whole loop of Hurricane Iota on .GIPHY:


With Hurricane Iota, the Atlantic is three over the record! Is it over yet? If it is over, I will have the entourage photo/video when the season is over…ALL for you!!

Keeping an eye on the weather!


Archived Facebook post when Iota became the category 5 storm it was:
November 16 at 9:02 AM


La Niña is officially declared as the cause of such the active record breaking hurricane season this year, with names at letter “I” in the Greek alphabet. The Atlantic season has broke every record in the books, considering it started off so quietly and with dust plumes in June and July. Check out the Wikipedia caption: Atlantic hurricane season

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  1. WOW! to think we could have been hit with this crazy storm blowing around, I think we are going through enough.

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