With the celebration of the recent National Plumbers Day, I am highlighting and featuring the great respect for our highly qualified individuals who become plumbers for the important role of plumbing and in protecting our public and private health. Without properly functioning plumbing, our modern society would not be where it is today.. . .

When we see the word plumbing, we often think about the running water, a sewer system, and the pipes that make it all function. Could you just imagine the U.S. without modern plumbing–not only how inconvenient life would be without running hot or cold water, but also how inconvenient it would be if you had to leave the comfort of our cozy homes in order to go to the bathroom in an outhouse. What would life be if your community did not have its system of pipes that make it possible to live the lives we do, everyday? I cannot reiterate how our developed society would be able to function quite the way it does from a standpoint of health manifestation and disease prevention. Let’s face it, modern living would not be where it is without plumbing. And great respect being paid to those who make a career in plumbing–making this style of living all possible should be intact.

🛠️ Without Proper Access to Plumbing:
You may think that every homeowner in developed countries would have access to running water and a sewer system. Even in developed countries, a lack of plumbing is a reality that some people have to live with every day, including the United States, where roughly two million people still do not have access to indoor plumbing or a septic system. Without plumbing, we stand exposure to many diseases including cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea and dysentery, and in many cases can lead to death. These and most illnesses caused simply by just not having plumbing available hit the very young in developing countries due to unsafe black and grey waters, poor sanitation and insufficient or impossible hygiene. And it’s not just those living in poverty who don’t have access to indoor plumbing or running water–some states such as Alaska, the Dakotas, and Maine, there simply are entire communities that just don’t have complete plumbing systems, whether it is due to the community or just not having it hooked up.

💧 Underdeveloped Communities:
Lack of access is much worse in undeveloped areas, with the following areas lacking adequate plumbing:

Households Without Indoor Plumbing in the 50 Largest U.S. Cities
City, State
Estimated households without piped water % of population
San Francisco, CA 14,787 0.9%
Portland, WA 4,801 0.6%
Milwaukee, WI 3,341 0.5%
San Antonio, TX 3,370 0.5%
Austin, TX 3,130 0.4%
Cleveland, OH 3,743 0.4%
Los Angeles, CA 17,586 0.4%
Memphis, TN 1,814 0.4%
New Orleans, LA 1,854 0.4%
New York, NY 26,931 0.4%
Phoenix, AZ 6,219 0.4%
Seattle, WA 5,389 0.4%
Nashville, TN 2,302 0.4%
Sacramento, CA 2,952 0.4%
Houston, TX 8,056 0.4%
Boston, MA 7,713 0.4%
Richmond, VA 1,660 0.4%
Riverside, CA 4,691 0.4%
Pittsburgh, PA 3,572 0.3%
Miami, FL 7,151 0.3%
Detroit, MI 5,490 0.3%
Providence, RI 1,368 0.3%
Birmingham, AL 1,299 0.3%
Buffalo, NY 1,559 0.3%
San Diego, CA 2,502 0.3%
Cincinnati, OH 1,907 0.3%
San Jose, CA 2,225 0.3%
Columbus, OH 3,397 0.3%
St. Louis, MO 3,348 0.3%
Louisville, KY 1,450 0.3%
Salt Lake City, UT 1,808 0.3%
Virginia Beach, VA 1,697 0.3%
Atlanta, GA 5,783 0.3%
Kansas City, MO 2,350 0.3%
Oklahoma City, OK 1,497 0.3%
Las Vegas, NV 2,095 0.3%
Baltimore. MD 2,800 0.3%
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 6,651 0.3%
Denver-Boulder, CO 3,612 0.3%
Philadelphia, PA 6,056 0.3%
Chicago, IL 9,105 0.3%
Raleigh-Durham, NC 1,752 0.3%
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 3,556 0.3%
Washington, DC 5,314 0.2%
Tampa, FL 2,853 0.2%
Charlotte, NC 2,155 0.2%
Hartford, CT 1,068 0.2%
Jacksonville, FL 1,268 0.2%
Indianapolis, IN 1,633 0.2%
Orlando, FL 1,607 0.2%

Households Without Piped Water are More Likely to be Renters and People of Color Across the Top 50 U.S. Cities.png

Source: Geographies of insecure water access and the housing–water nexus in US cities by Katie Meehan, Jason R Jurjevich, Nicholas M J W Chun and Justin Sherrill

🔧 Not Just Inconvenience:
Thinking of lack of plumbing as being a matter of inconvenience is putting it way bluntly, because not having access to plumbing is an absolutely significant health issue. The fact is that plumbing saves lives, because without proper running plumbing, people are susceptible to disease–usually caused by improper sanitation and unsafe drinking water.

👨‍🔧 Plumbers Working To keep Our Lives Safe:
Plumbing organizations gather together to network with other plumbers to keep up with changes within the industry by attending workshops and seminars, and by learning what improvements to running water and safe sanitation can be implemented. Every day, you can do the following to honor those who make modern living possible, the plumber by thanking your local plumber for all their dedication. Just think about how life would be like without plumbing. Make sure that you are ready–get an appointment to have your plumbing system inspected. More information is available on plumbing at the Environmental Protection Agency’s website’s article: “Fix Leak Week.

🛁 National Plumbers Day History:
The Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors Association is a national organization based in Virginia that offers resources such as membership and a “find a contractor” tool, plus goes on to offer the additional services: training & education, events, news, center policy & advocacy tools, and resources communities.. National Plumbers Day was implemented as being April 25th every year to honor and give recognition to the professional plumbing contractor.

🚽 Resources For a Career in Plumbing:
Education is very important, If you have children who look oriented to taking on performing the lucrative field of plumbing, as a very successful career choice. I am providing a resource guide to starting out in the field of plumbing:

🚿 Plumbing is Great:
As you can see, plumbers make the U.S. the modern place we are used to living in. Plumbing is of one of the most highly necessary elements making modern living possible, and disease a minimum. With great hope, plumbing will become available for more of the country. Plumbing is a great career choice!

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National Plumbers Day

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