Today’s featured photo of the day! BONUS: Best of California

Here is today’s featured photo. The December event is being announced right now…”12 Days of Christmas”…Twelve nice shots Christmas related photos! The event will start on Friday, December 13th, so come join us every day!! Meanwhile I am continuing my featuring  photos from California in the interim. I am wrapping up the feature with a best of California: Photos corrected in the darkroom. Here is a great shot of the city of Los Angeles at a distance from one of the lookout points in Griffith Park. I dropped the darkroom exposure to yield true blacks in the shadow, and lessen the wash on the mountains and bring back some blue skies. This was a truly amazing fix!! Date – November 1991.

California_Griffith Park 3__Fujicolor 400.png

Photo taken with a Nikon FE camera through a Nikon 26 mm lens, filter=polarizer, Aperture=16 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/125th second, loaded with Fujicolor 400 Color 135 Negative Film processed with C-41 Processing Chemicals, and a Type C Print using the RA-4 enlargement paper process with an exposure level dropped in the darkroom at lessening of at -0.25%, onto a 4X6″ semi-gloss print.

TIP:  If your shot was overexposed a little bit, and you still had some latitude on the negative, you were able drop the exposure in the darkroom to yield a better photo. My level of drop here was at about the maximum drop you were able to do before you lost the photo the other way, and started exposing the film’s physical nature, only to throw the photo in the garbage at the wielding point.

See you tomorrow with another bonus photograph of my favorite state to vacation–California!!
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