World Piano Day ! ! !

Yesterday was World Piano Day! This is a day to celebrate the harmonious instrument that made Ludwig van Beethoven! Just about every day is made brighter by listening to piano music. . .

Happy World Piano Day ! !

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A Brief History:
Origination:  Bartolomeo Cristofori an Italian, invented the piano in the year 1700. It was first called “clavicembalo col piano e forte” which can be translated to “a harpsichord that can play soft and loud noises.” The name was shortened to “piano“. Nils Frahm, a German musician, founded World Piano Day in the year 2015. He chose the date of March 28th, because of the day being the 88th day of the year because the piano has 88 keys. This fine day also encourages piano players of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to play the piano in public places.

Transition Throughout the Years:  Throughout the years, the piano went from one basic style to many different types. The variations include:

  • Vertical
  • Spinet
  • Console
  • Studio
  • Upright
  • Digital
  • Pianola or self-playing piano
  • Grand
  • Baby grand.

These types of pianos come in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Musical Genre : All musical instruments are grouped together into families. Usually it’s  easy to determine which family most instruments belong in. It is not so with the piano, because it has been classified as a percussion instrument, in the string family, and in both families.

Reason People Love a Piano: There are many benefits to playing the piano, other than just playing the piano just for fun, including the love that the sound the piano makes. Some other benefits include:

  • It’s an excellent experience to learn how to read music
  • It is a great way to relax even and up to being in a mode of  meditation
  • It can sharpen motor skills and improves hand to eye coordination
  • It boosts cognitive and intellectual abilities, and improves memory skills
  • It’s great for mental and spiritual health, and can ease depression and anxiety

There are many benefits of playing the piano these days, yourself, your family, and. . .

Celebrated: Every March 28th every year, the 88th day of the year (to celebrate each and every key on the piano), in order to unite piano lovers worldwide to celebrate the “king of all musical instruments”.

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

Several Ways to Celebrate Musical Commitment to Your Piano:

  • Commit to taking piano lessons.
  • Thank a piano teacher.
  • If you are a pianist, gather your courage and play the piano in a public space.
  • If you took piano lessons as a child, think about reviving your skills.
  • Attend a piano concert.
  • Listen to piano music online.
  • Learn about the best pianists of all time, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Vladimir Horowitz, Myra Hess, and Lang Lang.
  • More. . .

The Present:
People all over the world, including the U.S. are enjoying playing the piano, in different genres of musical style!

The Future:
Let’s receive great thanks and enjoy the fine music of the piano, this great year and in the years to come. . .

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World Piano Day

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