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With the recent celebration of National Tile Day, February 23rd, we give recognition for the timeless element of architecture and design in the world of tile. Around the world, tile plays a variety of roles: A modest charm to the subliminal element, tile always proves being adorable and versatile.

Tile History and Memorabilia:
The earliest use of decorative tile were found as early as 4000 BC in the regions of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. Throughout the ages the wealthy were the largest consumer of tile in their homes, because the expense of handmade tiles were difficult for the ordinary person to obtain and afford. After the industrial revolution, tile became way more affordable and designs and features expanded within the technological boom.

Tile Properties:
Nowadays, sustainable tile finds its beauty in the ways of many rooms and spaces, outdoors, in commercial and industrial placement through the provision of an infinite number of colors, styles, textures, sizes and dimensions. Durability and energy efficiency of tile adds even more value, it can add resale value and lowers maintenance costs. Over the course of the more modern decades, tile has increased in dimensional size, so less grout lines means better cleanliness and maintenance as well. Darker colors are more vivid, but make rooms seem smaller, so it is the perfect touch for taller and larger room settings. Glossier tiles and lighter colors always make rooms seem larger, because of the added light. This is why mirror tiles, the doubling size tile, make a room seem double the size easily. Nowadays, mirror tiles aren’t used as much as in the middle of the last century, but continue to be used in exercise centers and workout facilities. Glossier tile always clean easier, but if you get too shiny, smudges happen easier. The most elegant touch is a silk sheen finish, because it provides enough gloss to it and is still very easily cleaned and maintained. Picking your floor tile not only brings in aesthetics and cleanability, but the slip ratio is a great deal as to where you are installing your tile. Mechanical slip testing is utilized to measure slipperiness in terms of friction and slip resistance but with sometimes is not listed on the carton, so you really have to get an actual sample of the tile and feel the product before considering purchasing the product for your situation.

Your Tile Project:
Take time to appreciate the quality craftsmanship of the tile work around you. Make sure that you do your research before hiring someone to install your tile. I always recommend getting more than one estimate, a minimum of three estimates is recommended so that you have a ballpark figure. There are many local companies too choose from. You don’t always want to go with either of the high or low estimates, because if the low estimate is really low, there could be potential danger signs that something isn’t quite right. Don’t forget–you get what you pay for! Your tile is going to be around for a while, so make the great decision not to be too frugal when hiring your tile installer.

Tile Warmth:
While considering doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project or virtually any larger home improvement, make sure to consider tile into your design. Tile offers not only texture but color and warmth too. There is the conception that tile is a cold surface, but these days with hydraulic heated floor systems, warmth is well worth making your tile project a go.

Say goodbye to the Noise With Tile:
Tile floors are also considered to be “noisy” because it doesn’t quite have the same resonance as a carpeted floor. But these days, there are various sound isolation membranes that can be installed before and underneath the tile that make your tile floor a go, and have better results than just installing the tile without the membrane.

Say No to Cracks With Tile:
Another obstacle can be those dreaded cracking concrete floors. But nowadays there are various crack isolation membranes that can be used to cover the present cracking, and thus virtually isolate the crack from protruding through to the tile. This brings the presence of tile to many more floors, with absolutely astonishingly great results.

Design Ideas For Your Tile Project:
A future project is easier if you develop an idea of which way you would like to pursue instilling your design. Having your heart set on a certain color palette and mindful characteristics will make choosing your product easier. Will you be going with colder colors, or warm tints? Dark or light? What are your favorite styles and latest innovations in tile? Are there any restrictions like profile issues (thickness) or door clearance that make your ultimate choice of tile easier or harder? Exploring the latest tile designs for your home or business can be fun. Choice is not always the easiest, but it can be a great experience looking through all the samples and being up on the latest design experience.

The Styles:
The most popular styles of tile:

  • Ceramic tile (standard density bisque, indoor use only)
  • Porcelain tile (high density bisque, frost proof–ideal for outdoors)
  • Marble tile (natural product, through-bodied=no surface layers, sand-polished >1000 grit and higher, honed for safety)
  • Granite tile (natural product, through-bodied=no surface layers, sand-polished >1000 grit and higher, honed for safety)
  • Quartz tile (natural product, through-bodied=no surface layers, custom surfaced)
  • Other natural stone (natural product, through-bodied=no surface layers, custom surfaced)
  • Laminate flooring (floating, not ideal installed below grade)
  • Wood (plank or parquet)
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Homogeneous flooring with Seams Filled (highly popular in health care facilities)
  • Rubber flooring (safety slip)
  • Conductive tile (ideal in static free zones, hospital equipment, computer rooms)
  • Mosaic (Extremely dense bisque, usually sheet mounted)
  • Glass tile
  • More. . .

The Layouts:
The most popular methods of installation of tile:

More Than Color:
All the designs and textures of tile:

  • Warm Colors
  • Cold Colors
  • Neutral Colors
  • High Gloss
  • Luster
  • Matte
  • High Grip
  • Smooth
  • Rough
  • Speckled
  • More. . .

Starting of National Tile Day:
Coverings, The Global Tile & Stone Experience, is the largest international tile & stone show in North America–founded National Tile Day in the year 2017 to shine the spotlight on the benefits of tile in both residential and commercial design. To learn more about this special day visit National Tile Day’s Website.

Trade Resources to Assist In Making Great Choices:
There are organizations to assist you in making great choices in your project’s design, if you are interested in making a career of involvement in the tile industry, your needs with assistance in mapping and reading of blueprints and more, or for general knowledge:

If You Are Interested In Making a Career of Installing Tile:
You can consider making a career of installing tile, in design, architecture and more. I recommend visiting these resources:

I also recommend taking courses in business management, accounting, drafting, industrial arts, customer relations, and computer skills (many types). All these skills assist in making starting your own business easier.

A Before & After Bathroom Floor Tile:

Creative Flooring BEFORE__20200831_164904.jpg

Before Photo – Bath Remodeling Floor Tile

Creative Flooring AFTER__20220224_160949.jpg

After Photo – Bath Remodeling Floor Tile

My collection of My Tile Project at The Remodeling Show:

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mosaic-old-gray-ceramic-tile-with-round-pattern-7245527 tile_1677225429.jpeg Olga Lioncat at Pexels

Olga Lioncat at Pexels

National Tile Day

I worked as a self-employed business for the highly successful company known as VersaTILE from the period of September 1985 to December 2004. Due to the onset of orthopedic conditions from excess wear and tear on my hips and knees, I had to give up doing floor work. My expertise in the construction trade has had not only influence on this article, but I am also highly qualified in the field on tile installation and product knowledge.

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  1. Wonderful info here! Wanna see AWESOME tile? Google “The Fish Building” in The Bronx. My pediatrician used to be in that building. It’s very art deco and is an example of true craftsmanship. A NYC landmark!

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