Today, March 20th, is International Day Of Happiness. To start this segment off, starting today and throughout the year to come, in order to implement great healing–I will feature articles designed to improve physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

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How to Get Your Daily D.O.S.E. of Happiness
by Banana Tree Log
Republished from 03/20/22
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Get Your Daily D.O.S.E. of Happiness InfographicDaily D.O.S.E. of happiness
How to Get Your Daily D.O.S.E. of Happiness Infographic
Download a copy of the Daily D.O.S.E. infographic so you can start improving your happiness today.


Preventing Overstimulation of Happiness Chemicals Infographic
Overstimulation of Happiness

How to Get Your Overstimulation of Happiness Infographic
Download a copy of the overstimulation of happiness chemicals infographic so you can prevent overstimulation today.


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My 03/19/22 Review: A great article from Banana Tree Log called How to Get Your Daily D.O.S.E. of Happiness – The Happy Brain Chemicals that Makes You Feel Good” states that at least 1 in 3 people you know aren’t happy with their life. The article goes on to state simple ways to improve your happiness, and lists the happiness chemicals (Happy Brain Chemicals being Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins) that your brain releases, and the differences between having too much or too little of one or more of the chemicals in your body. that that there is way more going on than material items, relationships, and career status to feeling happy. It lists real solutions such as getting a good night’s sleep, eating right and more. It states activities and develops long term goals and changes that can be done without changing your activities drastically. Providing a program to gain more awareness that with proper information, that living more happily can be achieved through natural hormones, and the perils of ailments such as addiction or trauma. The building up a window of tolerance towards helping you deal with the stress, anxiety, or trauma you may have.

/lake-near-forest-2745258 serene_1679278899.jpeg Nick Kwan at Pexels

Nick Kwan at Pexels

Reprise Article: International Day Of Happiness

How to Get Your Daily D.O.S.E. of Happiness


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