Happy Wisconsin Day!

National Wisconsin Day. . .

Happy National Wisconsin Day ! !

A Between of Two Great Lakes:
The Beginning Years: Wisconsin became a U.S. territory in 1836, following the American Revolution and soon thereafter began to attract settlers that were looking for work in its mining industry. The Wisconsin Territory consisted of a present-day Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and parts of North and South Dakota. Since its admission as 30th state to the Union on May 29, 1848, Wisconsin has been ethnically heterogeneous, with Yankees being among the first to arrive from the original eastern United States colonies.

More History: The American Indian population in Wisconsin first saw White settlers with the arrival of French and English fur traders. There were many wars with Indian Natives including the Black Hawk war in the years predating the territorial declaration. Eleven Native American tribes still live in Wisconsin to this day. Obviously, the years of 1787 to 1848 were a great marketplace for fur trade, given the climate of the location of Wisconsin.

Crisp Clean Air Makes Dairy a Great Commodity: Wisconsin is home to a farming industry that specializes in dairy products including milk and cheese. The crisp, clean northern winds of Wisconsin make it a great vacationing spot. The bright blue skies of Wisconsin are a gem and photographer’s dream. especially for the astral-photographer. Because of the absence of night lights, it is very easy indeed to be able to see even the faintest of 5th and 6th magnitude stars and the Milky Way Galaxy on those nice nights. Towards the last weeks in June, the upper Wisconsin areas experience a mere four and a half hours of pure darkness due to the angle of the Sun.

The Great Location of Wisconsin: As a Midwestern state, Wisconsin forms a gateway to the crisp, clear northern states. Pools are not commonplace in the state of Wisconsin as they cease to exist somewhere by the time you enter the state line to the south. The state is the smack dab in the middle state in area of mileage, at number 25. Wisconsin is the home to the 14,500-year-old mammoth bones archaeological find.

Wisconsin More Recently: Wisconsin is a midwestern U.S. state with coastlines of the two westernmost Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, and an interior of a combination of forests and farms. Milwaukee is the the largest city in Wisconsin, and is known for its famous Milwaukee Public Museum, a number of re-created international villages, and the Harley-Davidson Museum (known for its display of classic motorcycles) and manufacturing plant. Several beer companies are based out of Milwaukee, many of which offer brewery tours.

Wisconsin’s Statehood Facts:

  • Date: May 29, 1848
  • Capital: Madison
  • Population: 5,778,708 (2016)
  • Size: 65,498.37 square miles
  • Nicknames: 1) Forward & 2) The Badger State
  • State Mottos: 1) Americas Dairyland & 2) The Dairy State
  • Tree: Sugar Maple
  • Flower: Wood Violet
  • Bird: American Robin

My Trip to Racine, Wisconsin in 2011:

The History:

Wisconsin Officially Adopted as a U.S. State, State Song, Admission Date & Wisconsin Flag
State Name Info
State Song
Capital Flag Image
30th State. Wisconsin Territory (partial)
“Wisconsin” by Bon Iver
5/29/1848 Madison STATE FLAG_WI.png
See: Officially Adopted as a U.S. States, State Songs, Admission Dates & Flags at: National States And Capitals Day! – 2022 US State's Flags '22.jpg

Some Great Wisconsin Sites:  Here is a list of some some great places to visit while in Wisconsin:

  • Racine
  • Milwaukee
  • State Capitol, Madison
  • Lake Geneva
  • Green Bay
  • Spring Green
  • La Crosse
  • Kenosha
  • Eau Claire
  • Cedarburg
  • Wausau
  • Oshkosh
  • Muskego
  • Devil’s Lake State Park
  • Cave Point County Park
  • Grandad Bluff Park

Memorable Wisconsin Events:  Here is a list of some events that happened in Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin is actually the “Land of 16,692 Lakes”.
  • Madison wasn’t always the capital of Wisconsin. Belmont was the original capital, established in 1836.
  • The oldest city in Wisconsin is Green Bay.
  • The maximum amount of Swiss Cheese in the World doesn’t come from Switzerland, it’s produced in Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin is the “Land of Bratwurst”.
  • The most popular style of modern, solid-body electric guitar was brought into its popularity in-part part by Wisconsin’s very own Les Paul.
  • Writer, producer and director Orson Welles, with his great movie Citizen Kane, was born in Kenosha, not Hollywood.
  • Known for dairy production, Wisconsin actually also leads the nation in exports of cranberries, whey, ginseng root and sweet corn.

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National Wisconsin Day

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