Featured photos of the day: Architecture – The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois

Here it is! I had been featuring fine photos of the great architecture of the buildings of Chicago, Illinois, in order to let the summer months shine. I will keep the year’s main theme of featuring architecture in November with my final Part 4 segment: The Skies of Chicago, Illinois (An aerial view from above) is due to start! A new theme is due to start–a bright and beautiful segment featuring flowers, to continue to make the year of 2021 shine real bright! Meanwhile, I wrap up the whole Part 3 featuring the beauty of the The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois, and feature a bonus photo montage of all the posts, all on one post!

The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois

The Featured Architecture Series– Part 4: “The Skies of Chicago, Illinois (An aerial view from above)” will continue in November. I hope you have enjoyed our summer event, and hope you enjoy the fall event even more!! The “Photo of the Day: is back! Every day, a new photo, starting today. . .The interim of September, Versatileer is featuring “Flower of the Day”. . .Join Versatileer every day!

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Architecture-–-The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois_Part-3.png


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  1. I live outside of Chicago and just love the architecture there. I have always wanted to, but haven’t yet gone on the River Architectural Tour.

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