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The Cat That Played Chess by Catarrina Cummings

Book & Author Details:
The Cat That Played Chess by Catarrina Cummings
Publication date: July 10th 2023
Genres: AdultContemporaryMystery
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Having received an eviction notice, Zapporah Leverne needs money fast. Her current job as a product tester will not meet the deadline. She believes her extraordinary cat named Rookie can fix this. This feline is so good at copying humans that she can move chess pieces on the chessboard.

Zapporah pulls ropes to land Rookie a part in a commercial. Her cat wows the director to the point he thinks she would be good in his reality television series. But Rookie is stolen from Zapporah’s apartment.

Although there are few clues to the thief’s identity, Sloth, Zapporah’s roommate, believes the landlady is the thief and attempts to prove it. When Zapporah receives a voice message with a cat meowing in the background from talent agent Gloria Stravos, her suspicions are confirmed. Whoever stole Rookie will put her in show business. Arriving at Gloria’s office, Zapporah discovers Gloria has been murdered. Things don’t look good for Zapporah when the homicide detective learns she and Gloria had a history of fighting.

Will Zapporah’s intuition and tech-savvy help find Rookie and save her from a cunning murderer hiding behind the cloak of a white nationalist organization?


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Author Bio:

Catarrina Cummings is an author from Baltimore, Maryland who now lives in San Diego. She is the creator of the Snooping While Black mysteries series, with the first book being The Cat That Played Chess. In addition to dedicated service to her feline overlord, Madam Scrunchka, she also hones her guitar playing under a master instructor.

Her love for chess began when she served in the U.S. Navy, traveling and engaging in tournaments. She’s thrilled that she found the chance to include it in her first novel.

Nowadays, Catarrina can be found solving chess problems and attending multiple book clubs. If she ever finds enough free time from these activities, she might wish to consider finishing the second installation of her mystery series.


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