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My review of The Hands-Free Dog Leash from LifeHandleProduct View: Hands-Free Dog Leash–Lifehandle

Control and comfort like you’ve never experienced

The Hands-Free Dog Leash System from LifeHandle includes sling plus thoughtfully designed leash, giving you the most comfortable way to walk, run, hike or simply hang out with your dog. Unlike other leashes, the system distributes force across your core instead of your shoulder, which puts you in total control. The system is designed for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and is compatible with any dog harness.

LifeHandle > mylifehandle.comThe first experience online of LifeHandle was looking in the magazine “Gun Dog Magazine”. If you know me, my favorite dog is the English Springer Spaniel, so hunting waterfowl are very common, and I came across LifeHandle and seen the Hands-Free Dog Leash System as a feature one month a few years ago. I was so impressed by how easy, convenient, and of course, most importantly how safe the system looked to be for the dog. Letting go is a thing of the past, given that you have the strength to control the dog. How easy can it get? So I researched the Hands-Free Dog Leash System, and I was impressed so much. I came across this a few times in a giveaway and followed the company online, and I have to say. . .This is a great product, of quality materials, and a great company.

LifeHandle is a purpose-driven company helping active families find solutions to carry, handle, and adapt to whatever life throws at them. LifeHandle has been featured in the past in Men’s Journal and Women’s Running magazines, and on and the Engearment websites.


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  1. I wished I would have owned a leash like this when I had to hold my kids hands and control the dog! When my husband and I first got together and started a family, we didn’t have any kind of transportation. . . Only walking. So I would bring the dog with us when we walked to the store and other places we went to. It would have been a blessing to have one of these! My email address is onlygot2hands@ with my other account. This Hands-Free Dog Leash from LifeHandle would have been in my closet already! Thanks for sharing!!

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