W al Di s n e y ! !  🎠

🎡 Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary 🎪

Here it is! My experience while visiting Walt Disney World in 1997 matches and/or exceeds that of some reports I have received about other Disney experiences. What a great time we had, only 98° in the middle of March! But the experience is well worth it. A little sunscreen and great food makes your day a life-long remembered event. I have received some requests for this montage of photos from my Walt Disney experience upon their then 25th Anniversary – exactly half way in the middle of their now 50th Anniversary year. This montage includes fifteen separate photos from the “Walt Disney’s 25th Anniversary” from the original 2020 Florida photo event, originally featured in 2020: 

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This special event, happened only at Versatileer! The fifteen photo ensembles of the Versatileer Walt Disney’s 25th Anniversary Montage! So to feature the original occasion, here are the photos in an easy to navigate, photo montage!


Walt Disney’s 25th Anniversary Montage! 

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Walt Disney World!

W al Di s n e y ! !  🎠

🎡 The “Walt Disney World on their 25th Year Anniversary” event at Versatileer!

Walt Disney Star in Movie Marble SIdewalk.jpg

      15        Photo Montage
Walt Disney’s 25th Anniversary!

Walt Disney_Photo Montage.jpg

Walt Disney’s 25th Anniversary


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  1. What a cool photo montage, thank you so much for sharing! Walt Disney World is definitely a magical place with a lot of really cool things to see.

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