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Here is today’s final featured photo in Walt Disney World. As I feature photos of Florida, I have really enjoyed sharing the magic of my visit from 1997, while the Magic Kingdom was celebrating its 25th anniversary. I am so glad of the good news of the recent re-opening of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando. In the final photo is a perfect photo capturing Cinderella’s Castle from the front view where an entertainment sub-stage in front after coming around the statue. I really cannot wait to visit again! If you are visiting, please be safe, have patience, and use common sense. Date – March 1997.

Florida_Walt Disney World-Cinderella's Castle 3__Fujicolor 400

Photo taken with a Nikon FE camera through a Nikon 26 mm lens, filter=polarizer, Aperture=16 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/125th second, loaded with Fujicolor 400 Color 135 Negative Film processed with C-41 Processing Chemicals, and a Type C Print using the RA-4 enlargement paper process, onto a 3½x5″ semi-gloss print.

TIP:  If you ever park your car or rental at Walt Disney World, really, make sure that you DO NOT forget where you parked. By forgetting where, the chances of finding your car are like finding a needle in a haystack. Make sure that you write down the location and keep it with you. The parking lots when I was there were all named after various characters. What a lovely touch.

I really enjoyed visiting my photo collection of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I hope that this has cheered people up in these times. Another fine photograph to follow very soon of the great State of Florida!!


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