To the families, friends and most of all to those who were left in Afghanistan. We will NEVER forget!

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Never Forget! ! 

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We will NEVER forget every American and the persons who were there for us.

A prayer and a moment of silence for tribute…

A prayer and a moment of silence...

ᅠ­­­ᅠ…..Praying for everyone touched by this disaster, in hopes that this government will finally put politics aside for the interest of all domestic and international humanity. 🙏

God Bless America, Land of the free, Home of the brave ! ! !

flag-of-the-usa-on-a-pole-1709929 flag_1661191312-e1661191363833.jpeg Tim Mossholder at Pexels

Tim Mossholder at Pexels

For those inflicted by the pullout of our soldiers in Afghanistan, and the fact that the land there is being used as a harbor for terroristic forces. My prayers 🙏 🙏

God Bless America!!! 

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