This is NOT IT!!

A change in moving the goal post to the finishing line of the COVID-19 era.

So is to the end of a rather short era, about five times shorter tan the last masking era. . .My health is barely decent after the onslaught of COVID-19 AND I received jaw surgery in April where I had been having some complications due to then unforeseen reasons. Now since we have not been wearing masks for a couple months or better, I had been having some serious healing. But now that the masks are back on, I have had serious regression on the healing of my jaw. This is enough to see medically why this is happening. None-the-less, if this is true to the healing process, it cannot be good for anyone to be breathing all the extra carbon dioxide and other resulting factors. I remember seeing the person working out for the Olympics passing out at the finishing line. I will keep you posted with further developments medically as the doctors reveal what is up with me and my healing process. Stay safe!

State of Illinois’ Phase 5 ends Monday, August 30. . .It is not defined which exact phase because the protocol furnished does not match any of the guidelines on the Restore Illinois website. The goalpost has been moved as per: CDC Guideline: When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated. There is a problem with me buying the COVID-19 figures being so much lower in both Canada and Mexico as compared to in the U.S. The border is sure recognized for this, and I know that Corona-virus does not recognize borders. I am not allowed to share the photos from Google Maps legally, so check it out. Also the fact is that there is one size fits all medicine going on nationwide. I personally don’t buy that citizens not vaccinating are the reason. Take a guess, one guess at the other reason. Leave a comment if you can guess! Meantime. . .MASK up!!!
COVID-19 Update-NO Choice Insignia.jpgThis article is provided as advice on a non-medicinal level. Always consult with your primary care first before asserting any level of advice. If you are in any urgent need of care, always consult with a physician. If you have an emergency, never rely on advice, call 9-11 or go to the nearest emergency room for proper care.

Sway Back into a Dark Chronic COVID-19 Era!

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