2/1 UPDATE: There is a series of unexplained delays in the launch time. A shared Tweet including an explanation from Elon Musk is enclosed. Now Wednesday 2/3 starting at 9 am CST.

See the event #LIVE from @Overlook Horizon on YouTube.

1/29 UPDATE: There is yet another delay in the launch time. Monday 2/1 starting at 9 am CST.

1/28 UPDATE: There is another delay in the launch time. Tomorrow 1/29 starting at 10 am CST.

The unmanned SpaceX Starship’s SN9 12.5K hop prototype rocket is due for the third scheduling for a launch. It will be the second high-altitude 10K flight of a SpaceX Starship prototype and hopefully goes without explosion this time to make it a total success, after 2 delays. The launch will be from the SpaceX Boca Chica, Texas base launch-site. The scheduled time is in the morning hours “NET January 28, 2021” so watch starting at 10:15 am CST, right here! Enjoy. . .

See the event #LIVE from @Space News Pod on YouTube

Video of “NO FLIGHT” with Chris Baker from @NASASpaceflight on YouTube

SpaceX at Pexels

SpaceX Moves on. . .

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