I am acknowledging that given the media attention being at or near zero percent saturation on relevant newsworthy items–and I was not paying attention either, and missed posting this very important coverage before it happened – of the overnight annular “ring of fire” solar eclipse.The eclipse never went total, because the moon is located too far from the earth right now in order to cover the whole disc of the sun at the same time. It happened overnight 1:40 am CDT in US time, and was visible from Africa to Asia.

I am providing a satellite photo** of the most recent U.S. total eclipse whereby the epicenter was located in southern Illinois on August 21, 2017.

eclipse all day_20170821__sat_vis_hem_loop

All rights reserved, the now defunct UNISYS

There is another annular eclipse on from the Pacific Ocean, Oregon to the southern Texas into the Atlantic on October 14, 2023. The next total eclipse will be the  will be dubbed the “Great American Eclipse” and will happen on April 8, 2024  starting from Mexico going all the way to Canada in and around Indianapolis, Indiana closest to my location of Illinois. See you there!



We are experiencing a total eclipse of the news!I was not motivated to say anything, but now it has come to my attention that if THIS  could slip by, what else has! Three years ago, the news-feeds–not just for the sake of the eclipse, but several other news-worthy items was quite different than that of the current situation. I am not in the business to report. I rely on news-feeds to schedule posts, and for years–even before I was blogging. The eclipse just did not get any coverage from any of the formerly reliable news sites. We all  rely on news that covers a broad area of subject picks. For this instance, the news no longer focus on science at all, except COVID-19, and then cannot even report that right. News feeds ARE  dead on anything other than political issues and creating people to unrest and “opinions” on what the “news brokers” feel the news should be. All other things in life, no longer matter! The news, with one major exception–and I am not naming any names right now, is focused on doing everything except report real news. So these days we are living without real news. I am not politically motivated in any way stating that the public NEEDS  real news reporting, and given the current situation, we are in trouble! With that one exception, I would be stated that I was politically motivated–and I am not. Quite the exception. But if I had to give news an award, I would have to give them a lemon for the sour reporting that most news media is reporting these days. We have a need to revert to reporting of some #RealNews before it gets any worse. Shame  on them!!

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    • You should never, ever look at anything other than a total eclipse, with or without a telescope. Using sunglasses, welding glasses are not rated for viewing. Care for your eyes. Resist the temptation for direct viewing of any annular or partial eclipse!

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