Today’s featured photo of the day! September’s feature is: Infrared Photography

Here is today’s featured photo. For the month of September I am featuring Infrared photography as the style. For today, to get for a better organizational flow, I am recapping with a great idea from past days, the contact proof sheet. This brings back GREAT photographic memories. I simply loved making one for every roll, and nothing ever got lost once it was made.

Roll No61__IR___Kodak Ektacolor IE-135-20

35mm Roll taken with a Nikon FE camera-10/12/82 to 11/11/82, with Kodak Ektachrome Infrared Color  IE 135-20 Infrared Slide Film processed E-6 using Kodak Ektachrome Chemicals. Contact proof sheet processed Type R color positive paper and R-3000 chemistry onto 3½x5″ glossy negative color image enlargement paper.

FACT:  Contact proof sheets were a great asset to keeping every photographer’s works organized. Contact proof sheets with slide film have sprocket hole film perforations colored white because the prints are a positive rendition, and negatives have sprocket hole film perforations colored black.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow, starting the month of October with a great month of fall photographs!!


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