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My review of Boggle® Jr.Monopoly® Scrabble® & Risk® The 1980s Edition from Winning Moves GamesRisk® The 1980s Edition_Boggle® Jr._Monopoly® Scrabble®.jpgI am absolutely thrilled to review the following games from Winning Moves Games:

Boggle® Jr.
In the great game of Boggle® Jr., your preschooler will transform letters into words! Two different matching games encourage various skills and levels with fun, colorful pictures. Two-sided cards have 3-letter words on one side and 4-letter words on the other. In Match It/Spell It children look at the picture and word, then they find the matching letters, using the Boggle Jr. letter cubes, to spell out the word. In Cover It children use the word shield to cover the word and then spell (from memory) without seeing the letters.

  • Ages: 3 and up
  • Players: 1 or more
  • Contents: 1 Boggle Jr. Plastic Unit, 8 Oversized Letter Cubes, 30 Picture/Word Cards (60 Words), and Illustrated Instructions.

BoggleJr_lrg.jpgMy Review:
My experience while playing Boggle® Jr. is a suspense filled evening of match and mix making words out of letters. How much a fun-filled time playing this classic game, and an educational factor being involved making fun out of making words work! I am absolutely thrilled to recommend this to all! Family filled fun–evening, or any time!

Monopoly® Scrabble®
Experience the totally unique gameplay of Monopoly® Scrabble®— the innovative game that combines the best elements of the Monopoly® game with the crossword-building play of Scrabble®.

In place of rolling dice to move around the board, players build words and move ahead by their score. Build a word on a premium space and claim a Monopoly® property.

Clever gameplay twists, along with custom Community Chest and Chance cards, keep things moving at a fast pace.

The winner is the player with the highest total of cash and property value when the last letter tile is played.

Monopoly® Scrabble®— a perfect mash up of two of the world’s most famous, greatest and beloved games.

  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Contents: 1 Quad-Fold Gameboard, 5 Wooden Scrabble Tile Racks, 1 Bag of 100 Wooden Scrabble Letter Tiles, Tile Storage Bag, 9 Silver-Toned Monopoly Tokens, Deck of 24 Community Chest Cards, Deck of 24 Chance Cards, 10 Title Deed Cards, Monopoly Money Pad (Sixty $100 bills and Sixty $500 bills), Illustrated Rules


My Review:
My experience while playing Monopoly® Scrabble® is that it is a faster paced, and things move faster than the standard version Monopoly®, with the game mixed up with the Scrabble® game, making for a lot of fun-filled play. I personally have only successfully played three full games of Monopoly® in my life, so this faster paced game is highly recommendable for an easy game night where we don’t have to worry about losing any sleep. The Scrabble® twist makes for a great evening, and highly recommendable and easy to play game!

Risk® The 1980s Edition
The great game of Risk® The 1980s Edition reproduction features the original 1980’s artwork and components. Can you acquire the most armies, play them most effectively and conquer the most territories? It’s worth the Risk to try!

  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Players: 2 to 6
  • Contents: Quad-fold Gameboard, Deck of 44 Cards, 6 Sets of 70 Plastic Roman Numeral Armies (Blue, Green, Red, Black, Yellow & Brown), 3 Translucent Red Dice, 2 White Dice, and 12-page Instruction Booklet.


My Review:
My experience while playing Risk® The 1980s Edition is that the retro of the 1980’s comes back of how the world was, and even though in my mind’s eye it seems like a long time ago, it really isn’t. The world has evolved and playing the 80’s version of Risk® is a fun night with friends and family. THis is an excellent way to vary up the original game, and well worth it for every family.

All the games on the website are a great addition having fun on my game nights, every time I have company over. These are so fun, and I recommend and endorse these to all my friends, family and following, and I give the company Winning Moves Games the full five stars rating based on integrity, fun-filled evenings, and the quality

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  1. I love this giveaway! It has fun for the whole family! I am really excited to play the Monopoly/Scrabble game!! I have played both of these games separately. In my opinion, I have always thought that Monopoly was a long game. We hardly played until we had a winner. That’s how long it took. Scrabble is a fun challenging game. So to me playing these games together, would make them more challenging, faster, and fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

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