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The Vampire of Köln by William Becker
My Review:
The Vampire of Köln by William Becker

This grandiose book, The Vampire of Köln by William Becker (247 pages, paperback – released May 29, 2023) is a story in the Vampire Horror and Historical Fiction (Books) genres, setting being the horrifying European world of the World War II era in Cologne, Germany. The storyline is adopted upon a bone-chilling tale as the American First Army learns about an ancient evil that lurks in the midst of the  shadows. Each chapter tells a new tale as the characters fall prey to each creature’s ravenous thirst for gruesome death. The story proceeds to tell the tale as the vampire’s clutches ensue a body count rising with survivors that must cling together to find the way to defeat the vampire before it’s too late. With the vampire’s power growing stronger with each kill, an evil lurks beyond the victims as they figure a way to be able to combat the evil vampire. “The Vampire of Köln” is a gut wrenching trip into the darkness, and I believe this story to be must-read for and horror and/or suspense fan. The points are:

  1. Readability. A book’s degree of readability is the base layer of my reviewer’s pyramid, and the foundation for any good story.
  2. Character Depth.
  3. Can’t Put the Book Down.
  4. Thematic Significance.
  5. Immersion.
  6. Plot Intricacy.

I recommend this book to all of my followers, friends and family. Once you start reading this book, you absolutely will not be able to put it down! Happy reading!

[NOTE: I received this book through the author, William Becker for review purposes.]

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Book & Author Details:
The Vampire of Köln by William Becker
Release date: May 29th 2023
Genres: Vampire Horror, Historical Fiction (Books)
Published: May 29th 2023
Review copy provided by: William Becker
(independent author)
Format: 247 pages, paperback
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Enter the horrifying world of “The Vampire of Köln” by William Becker, the acclaimed author of “Grey Skies,” “New York Onions,” and “Weeping of the Caverns.” Set in the rubble of World War II Cologne, Germany, this bone-chilling tale follows the American First Army as they uncover an ancient evil lurking in the shadows. Each chapter introduces a new character falling prey to the creature’s insatiable thirst, their gruesome deaths described in vivid, stomach-churning detail. From a young boy to a hardened soldier, no one is safe from the vampire’s grasp. As the body count rises, the survivors must band together and find a way to defeat the monster before it’s too late. But as the vampire’s power grows stronger with each kill, they realize they may be facing an evil beyond their wildest nightmares. “The Vampire of Köln” is a heart-stopping journey into darkness, a must-read for horror and suspense fans craving a tale that will leave them sleepless at night.

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The Vampire of Köln by William Becker - Front Cover_SQUARE.jpg

About the Author:

WIlliam Becker__IMG_9994.jpg

William Becker is a horror author from Boone, North Carolina. Originally adopted from Saint Petersburg, he began his professional writing career at age fifteen with his first novel, “Weeping of the Caverns.” His work is known for being non-traditional, gritty, and with a slight experimental edge that never sacrifices accessibility. Becker’s work encompasses elements of romance, sci-fi, drama, surrealism, and mystery. His Lynchian influence is apparent in his second novel, “Grey Skies,” which was published when he was nineteen, as well as some of his short stories, many of which have been released for free on his website during Covid.

After the publication of Grey Skies in 2019, he became enrolled as a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he became a staff writer for the student-led newspaper, The Seahawk, as well as an intern for NBC WECT-6. In November of that same year, he was published in Atlantis Creative Magazine with his short story, “New York Onions.” During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he released a number of short stories for free, a “romance” with elements of social-critique in “Seventh Circle,” surreal horror-drama in the form of “The Egg,” a more depressive drama about suicide in the form of “For We Are Many,” and finally, a take on body horror and drug addiction in the form of “The Soil of God”

In 2022, his film adaptation of “For We Are Many” shocked audiences worldwide with its devastatingly real take on suicide, being selected for numberous film festivals across the globe. William Becker is currently preparing to release his third novel, “The Vampire of Köln,” with a fourth projected for release by the end of 2023.

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