National Big Wind Day!

The Recent Big Wind Day! The day to honor a windy day. . .

National Big Wind Day ! !

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A Brief History:
Origination: The wind is not new. It is just about as old as the planet Earth. It is celebrated on the day that the highest wind was recorded on Earth. The day is based on that day of April 12, 1934 when at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, the afternoon brought a wind that recorded 231 miles per hour!

Celebrated: The day is celebrated on April 12th each year*.

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

Events Due to Wind (Good):

  • Flying a kite
  • Being able to generate energy
  • Being able to dry wet surfaces
  • Keeping your newly washed auto clean
  • Being able to exercise in comfort
  • Being able to surf
  • The relaxing sound of wind
  • Watching the waves come in

Events Due to Wind (Not so Good):

  • Landscape, tree and building damage, including windshields and other objects
  • Trucker advisories
  • Flight delays, hardship for pilots
  • Harder to work in the windy conditions, including added labor cost
  • Don’t let go of that paper, especially money! Don’t open that car window!
  • Increased accident rate
  • Less ability to make a judgement due to equilibrium imbalance of the inner ear (Spatial Orientation)
  • Blowing of debris, dust and other materials into corners, in and under objects, including cars
  • Higher heating bill in winter
  • Wildfire spread
  • Depending on the microclimate, sudden rain
  • Human/pet injuries, including debris flying into eyes and ears
  • Determination of the term “blizzard”

Weather Proverbs:

  • “The Windy City” (Chicago)
  • Nor’easter”
  • “Happiness comes the way the wind blows. . .”

The Present:
The present day is not much windier than earlier generations, but sure always seems windy!

The Future:
Winds are not going away. They will be around on the lively planet until eternity. .

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grayscale-photography-of-trees-and-house-2869657 windy_1681879011.jpeg Harrison Haines at Pexels

Harrison Haines at Pexels

World Meteorological Day

*  This post is posted late due to an injury of my wrist. I felt it relevant to post it even though it was late.


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