I am wishing everyone yet even another Happy Numeric Lineage String Day this year, the second time! It happened first on February 3rd, now it’s happening again a month and weeks later – 3/23/23!!!

Happy Numeric Lineage Day ! !

🕛 📅 ⏳ 🕓 >🕛 📅 ⏳ 🕓 >🕛 📅 ⏳ 🕓 >🕛 📅 ⏳ 🕓

A Brief History:
U.S. Origination: The lineage happens three times today for the second time this year. The first, in the middle of tonight, the next in the afternoon. The last instance is a military time version, which happens in the 11 o’clock hour tonight just before midnight. Happy Lineage Day today. Note the maximum digits in that military time, it is only one less digit as compared to the years in the century to the twenty-third year (because at hour 24, it is a new day). I remember the years of 1989, when we had a lineage of 01:23:45 on 6-7-89 which was a record of exposing every number possible, from zero to nine. So here comes the last 11 digits day until the next century! Enjoy!

Happy Numeric Lineage String Day Event Today – 3/23/23
Today’s Happy Numeric Lineage String Day – 3x – 3/23/23
Day of Occurence
Date of Occurence Time on Occurence
2:32:32 am
Thursday 3/23/23 2:32:32 pm
Thursday 3/23/23 23:23:23 (Military)

UPDATE 3/24/23: What it looked like: Windows 10 is very programmable, as I can have a program that was never available in the old days be able to grab a screenshot of the clock at the 3 specific times. Here is what it looked like the three times the alignment happened on 3-23-23:What It Looked Like__Happy Numeric Lineage String Day in 2023- 3-23-23 – Happening 3 Times Today.jpg

Numeric Lineage String Day, 2nd in 2023 3-23-23.jpg

2’s & 3’s…3/23/23 x Three Times!!!

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